In MBC ‘s rewriting chart show, which was broadcast on the night of 17th, singer Park Mi – kyung appeared as the top singer in the chart in September 1995.

The vocals now feature Mama Molar, Park Jae-jung, Ulla Sessions Kim Myung-hoon, Bobby Kim and Son Seung-yeon. MC Jang Do-yeon said, “Mr. Bobby Kim is now saying that he is a vocalist.” He laughed and said, “Bobby Kim debuted in ’94.”

In September 1995, the first singer, Park Mi Kyung, appeared. Park Mi-kyung called on ‘Eve’s Warning’ and reenacted the legendary stage.

Park caught the crowd with her singing ability and beauty. Park Mi-kyung praised Jang Do-yeon, “It’s a 9th grade, too beautiful.” Lee Kyung-gyu added a smile to the red shoes of Jang Do-yeon, saying “Red shoes are gross”.

On the spot, Troy, the husband of Park Mi Kyung, attended the audience and watched the stage together. Troy showed his sweet eyes toward his wife, Park Mi-kyung, and showed off his loving face.

Then, Park Mi – Kyung said, “It ‘s a UV fan, and I have an idea, so I have an idea.

Park Mi-kyung was in the top position for 12 consecutive weeks. He said to the singers now, “When are you going to be with your juniors? I’m honored and very good.”

The TOP 6 song of September 1995 was released. Park Jae-jung was sweet in the sense of his own feelings of the ‘must’ of Yun Jong Shin, who took sixth place in the joint. Park Mi-kyung asked, “How did you do that?” He added, “I do not remember him well.”

Sola digested Han Dong – joon ‘s pledge of love, which ranked 5th on the chart. Solar said, “Lee Jae-young has given me a flower as a concert gift and congratulated me directly. I did not have a chance to meet with your seniors, but thanks to the song, I have a good relationship and thank you.”

Kim Myung – hoon called R.ef ‘s “farewell ceremony” at the 4th place on the charts and Son Seung – yeon showed emotional stage by singing Lee Seung – hwan’ s “one thousand days” The second place was ‘Murphy’s Law’ of DJ DOC.

Then, the contestants of the 1995 chart appeared. The first challenger appeared with a cult called “Hold you in my arms”. The cult was a group composed of vocalist Jung Jung Han from the riverside Songje and Arabian Knight Kim Joon Sun. Kim Jun-sun has recently expressed his expectation to the singer Son Seung-yeon, saying, “Mr.

The next challenger was K2 Kim Sung-myeon. He was singing the song “Sad and Beautiful”, which was at the top of the list. He said, “It was a big event when I was going to be popular, I was a professional agency that I really believed in, but I signed up when I was asleep and I was in debt. I sold out, and I got the courage at that time. ”

Trot challenge songs followed. Chun Chan-yeop ‘Chan Chan-chan’ and Han Hye-jin’s ‘Brown Memories’ once again challenged the charts. Park said to Han Hye-jin, “Good morning, Hi.” The two are friends. The two added that it is the alumni of Seoul.

Han Hye-jin’s bold profile photo was released. He opened his profile picture, which was called “Lee Hyo Ri of the trot system”, and his gaze was focused. Han Hye-jin’s song challenged Bobby Kim to reinterpret it as a man’s sensibility. The song of Song Seung Yeop was taken by Solar.

The fifth challenge song was Lee Jang-woo ‘The Road to the Training Center’. Now, singer Park Jae-jung has challenged to reinterpret. Lee Jang-woo said, “It was more than 10 days on a day schedule. I was so young and I was surprised because I wanted to play so that I could not manage my body when I was playing at night.

Lee Jang-woo said, “At that time, I believed in Park Jae-jeong because I thought I would have been number one if I had been active.”

On this day, Kim Sung-myeon X Kim Myung-hoon became the first contestant to be on stage with ‘Sad and Beautiful’. Kim remembers Im Yoon – taek of Ullima session,

He said, “I heard this song and it reminded me of Yoon Taek-yong, who still lives in my heart, I was worried about the last moment I closed my eyes, I remembered all the memories. .

Kim Myung-hoon was impressed with his sad voice and immersive stage. In the end, the exit survey showed a score of 10 votes. Kim Myung – hoon and Kim Sung – myeon cheered with joy.

On the other hand, MBC ‘rewritten chart show now the first place?’ Is broadcasted at 8:30 pm on Friday night.

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