Jay Hop of the group bulletproof boys appeared as a director and made him expect to broadcast next week.

MBC “Under Ninety”, which was broadcasted at 6:25 pm on December 29, was featured at the year-end special feature “Weekly Reserve Stone”. First, the ‘World Cup’ was held. The corner of ‘Jungdeok World Cup’ is a corner where each team should have their choice and then get a choice of Girin girlfriend, Yelin.

In the vocal team, Lee Jae-kyun was the performance team, and in the performance team, the evangelist was in the top. The first ones tried to capture Jerin’s heart until the end, and eventually the evangelism was chosen. The evangelium salt won the delivery rights of 10 chickens as a commodity and cheered the performance team members. He laughed at his first impression by saying, “It is better for me to be polished for today.”

Thereafter, a 2 ~ 3x dance competition was held for each team. As a result, the performance team took the top spot and got three coupons for overnight delivery. Also, the ‘2018 MBC Entertainment Grand Prize’ celebration stage member selection contest followed. In the performance team, the top six riders in the second rank announcement ceremony are selected for each of the vocal and lap teams. After showing the choreography of ‘We are young’, the three MCs of ‘Weekly Reserve Stone’, Lee Teuk, Shin Dong, and Yelin’s chosen members are on stage. In the vocal team, Jung Jin Sung and Kim Jung Woo are useful in the lap team and Park Sung Won is chosen.

The results of the second ranking announcement were also disclosed. It was Yoon Tae-kyung who was the winner of the team competition and the surviving vocal team. Yoon said, “I could not imagine that I would come to such a high place, but I will be Yoon Tae-kyung, who can show his talent with hard work.” Followed by Yoon Tae Kyung, followed by Shin Chan Chan, Seismic Zone 3, Jin Jung Sung, and Kim Tae Wu. Kim Young-won ranked 6th and Bae Hyun-joon ranked 7th.

Four players were eliminated from the performance team. The first place in the performance team was Umutti and the second place was evangelism. Oda was ranked # 9 in eighth place than in the first rank announcement. It was 15th place, and it survived dramatically. Eddie, Kosuke and Kim Kang-min were eliminated. Kosuke said, “I thank the members who have done so far.” “I feel like it was good to meet my friends. I am learning and experiencing a lot while practicing together at Underneath.”

There were five dropouts on the lap team. First, Kim Seong-ho was ranked first and Choi Soo-min ranked second. Kim Seong-ho, who was the top prize winner, beat Choi Soo-min and said, “I thank all the supporters who voted for me and everyone, and I think everyone did a good stage without regret. Park Jin-oh was ninth, and he was eliminated. Kim Jeong-joon and Jeon Hyun-joon Nam Do-hyun Chang-lui Chang-hoon has become a dropout. The lap team encouraged each other to come forward and made a warm and last greeting.

On the other hand, Jay Hop of the group bulletproof boy band appeared on the trailer and attracted attention. For some reason, Jay Hop was in ‘Under Ninety’, and his audience was curious as to who would be his preliminary stone.

MBC entertainment program “Under Ninety”, which was broadcasted on the 29th, was the second ranking announcement.

Prior to the announcement on the day, the members spent a good time with ‘Super Junior’ and ‘Girlfriend’ with her girlfriend Jerin. I was able to get a night out through games such as letting Jerin go first.

Following the showdown, the members of MBC 2018 Entertainment Awards were unveiled. Two vocalists, two rappers, and six others were selected for the top performance team. As a result of the confrontation, Jung Jin-suk Kim Jung-woo in the vocal team and Park Seong-won in the lap team were useful. The vocal team Jung Jin-sung said, “I am grateful for the selection, and the rest of the members can not come up and I will be more accountable because I have been selected.”

The second ranking announcement ceremony was held in earnest. Yoon Tae – kyung won the first place in the vocal team. He said, “I could not imagine coming up to such a high position, but I will be a Yoon Tae Kyung who will show his ability with hard work.” The first place in the performance team was Umutti and the second place was evangelism. Kim Seong-ho was ranked first in the lap team and Choi Min-min was ranked second.

Except for the vocal team that won the first place in the past confrontation, the performance team and the lap team were eliminated from Gamba, Eddie, Kosuke, Kim, Kang, Kim, Jeong, Hyunjoon, Namdo, They shared their last greetings with members.

In the trailer, Jehov, a bulletproof boy band, appeared. He was instructed to practice choreography and then was shown his choice of his best idol, making viewers wonder.

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