In the 11th episode of the SBS gold drama ‘Vaga Bond’, which was broadcast on the 25th, Cha Dal-gun (Lee Seung-gi) was drawn to Gohae-ri.

Park Kwang-deok (Kyu Gyu-pil) and other family members were getting signatures to find out the facts of the B357 accident. Min Jae-sik (Jeong Man-sik) told Yoon Han-ki (Kim Min-jong), “There are certain stiff kids in the family. If the government is doing, I’m not going to cover up and oppose them. I’m not only for them but also for the bureau chiefs.”

Min Jae-sik (Jeong Man-sik) said that Kim Woo-gi (Jang Hyuk-jin) will never enter Korea, but Cha Dal-gun and Ko Ha-ri were secretly preparing to enter Korea with Kim Woo-gi. Ki Tae-woong (Shin Sung Rok), Kang Ju-cheol (Kee Young-young) and Edward (Lee Management) were behind.

Meanwhile, Chung Kook-pyo (Baek Yoon-sik) instructed Park Man-young (Choi Kwang-il) to pursue a contract with John N. Mark immediately after the National Assembly budget passed. After the deal was signed, Han had asked Jessica (Moon Jung-hee) to send the payment to a trading company in Singapore. 5% of the bid.

Now, the evidence of Kim Woo-ki is insufficient. Cha Dal-Gun asked Kim Woo-gi for any other evidence, and Kim’s girlfriend said he introduced Jerome to Michael. There’s also a video of Michael and himself trading. Cha-Dal-Gun doubted “what is your motive” at the end of Kim Woo-ki’s cooperation.

Kang Ju-cheol delivered the information that Gohae-ri and Cha-Dal-Gun entered to Tae-Woong. Ki Tae-woong went to the bathroom to decrypt the code and opened the book. But Min Jae-sik asked for the book and suspected, “You are in contact with Go Harry.”

At that time, Kohari requested that he return to the NIS and surrender. It’s in New Delhi, India. Min Jae-sik ordered him to quit his ticket to New Delhi right away, but he told him to fetch secretly the Gohari video. Min Jae-sik, who saw the Gohari watch, knew that Gohari was lying.

Min Jae-sik, after grasping Gohari’s plan of smuggling, reported to Yoon Han-gi, who instructed him to “no arrest. However, it was also Ki Tae-woong who passed information to Min Jae-sik. Behind them, Ki Tae-woong met Gohari and Cha Dal-gun, but Min Jae-sik’s ruthless attack began to trace back Ki Tae-woong.

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