On the 29th, SBS TV drama ‘VIP’ (‘VIP’ / play Cha Hae-won / director Lee Jung-rim) was depicted as Na Jung-sun (Jang Na-ra) who received the text message ‘Your husband’s woman is on your team’. .

Surprised by the suspicious letters, Na Jung-sun rushed to check Park Sung-joon’s cell phone, but couldn’t check it because of his password. Najungsun dialed the caller’s number, but the wrong person picked up the phone and confused Najungsun.

Na Jung-sun asked Park Sung-joon in his car to go to work, and Park Sung-joon answered “0000” casually. Na Jung-sun then recalled the time when Park Sung-joon offered himself to him. Na Jung-seon asked Park, “Suddenly curious, is the mind valid?”

Lee Hyun-ah (Lee Chung-a) and On Yuri (Park Jin-jin) worked as a mystery shopper. Lee Hyun-ah pointed to the manager who provided other services only by the appearance of the customer. Onyuri said, “I didn’t know the world was so kind.” Lee Hyun-a responded “money is kind.” Onyuri confessed the hard past and said, “No money is definitely worse.”

Lee Hyun-a card was stopped, left the hotel and headed to the inn.

Na Jung-sun and Park Sung-jun witnessed a VIP customer cheating to investigate the identity of a VIP. Na Jeong-sun, who returned home, told Park Sung-joon to talk. At that time, Park Jin-joon (Jung Joon-won) ‘s representative was called. Suspicious of Cha Jin-ho’s phone call last night, Na Jung-sun asked Park Sung-joon to answer the phone in front of him and asked me to change the phone. But Na Jung-sun sighed on the real Cha Jin-ho’s phone and asked, “Have you cheated?” Soon Na Jung-sun said nothing.

However, the fact that Park Sung-joon asked Cha Jin-ho was revealed. Park Seong-joon called Cha thank you and bowed his head.

At that time, Lee Hyun-a spent the night drinking in the inn, and Onri Yuri dressed up and went into the hotel room where vice president Ha Jae-woong (Park Sung-geun) was. The next day, Ha Jae-woong hosted a VIP dinner.

After the dinner, Na Jung-sun stepped down Park Sung-joon who would take the vice president. Park was headed to the hotel, where Na Jung-sun called. Park Sung-joon told Na Jung-seon that he was with the vice president and added tension to the drama facing Na-jung-seon who was calling on him.

On the other hand, SBS ‘VIP’ is a secret ‘private office melo’ drama of the VIP team who manages the department store’s top 1% VIP customers, and it is broadcasted every Monday and Tuesday at 10 pm.

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