In the SBS drama ‘VIP’, which was broadcast on the 29th, Jang Na-ra (Na Jung-sun) received a text about Lee’s affair and suspected Lee.

On that day, Na Jung-sun received a text saying, ‘Your husband has a woman on your team.’ Na Jung-sun confirmed Park’s cell phone, but Park’s cell phone was locked. Seeing the received text, Na Jung-sun called after dialing the number. But the other person was different from the one who sent the text.

Na Jung-sun called “Did you send a text?” But the sender was angry, “What text do you send. Who?” It was a different person from the person who texted Na Jung-seon.

The next day, Na Jung-sun told Park Sung-joon, “I was texting late yesterday.” Na Jung-sun continued to ask, “I locked my phone.” Park Seong-jun said, “I had it since I bought it at a dealer.”

Na Jung thought about the past when Park Sung-joon proposed. In the past, Park said, “You know, but I don’t know much about my reality, so I don’t know if I can say this. But I promise it.

Na Jung-sun, who finished the past recollection, asked, “I’m suddenly curious. Is that still valid?” But Na Jung did not doubt.

Afterwards, Na Jung-sun and Park Seong-jun went to the restaurant to check the actual use of the VIP service.

At this time, Park Sung-joon asked, “Isn’t it a good condition? So I don’t have a good complexion,” and Na Jung-sun said, “I’m nervous.” Since then, Na Jung-sun and Park Sung-joon have witnessed the affairs of their customers. Park Sung-joon was bitter by saying, “The actual customer use case is correct.” Na Jeong-sun said, “I had a girl so went to work so hard. My wife is a good person.” Park Sung-joon did not meet Na Jung-sun’s eyes.

On the other hand, Park Sung-joon said to someone by text, ‘Can I see today. I have something to say. ‘ The moment he sent a text, Lee Hyun-a (Lee Chung-a), Song Mina (Kwak Sun-young), and On-yuri (Pyo Ye Jin-jin) showed the character at the same time.

Na Jung traced Park Seong-jun, who had taken a taxi to another place after the dinner. Then he called and asked where he was. However, Na Jung-sun faced Park Sung-joon in the hotel lobby.

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