Republic of Korea 2018 popular music award (KPMA) ‘conducted on the 20th afternoon at KINTEX, Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, and proved once again popular. On this day, Warner won four awards, including the Grand Prize, the Grand Prize, the Ole TV Best Artist Award, and the Popular Prize.

Warner wanted receives a trophy, “so grateful line will receive one from phases will dream did not,” said “are enjoyable throughout our thanks to those who continue to help with. Thanks to those who have made a good memory,” he told the award.

After winning the award, “It’s not easy for someone to get big and lots of love,” says Wernher. “It seems to be a blessing to be able to receive a lot of love, All of our happiness is yours “.

On the other hand, the honor of the newcomer, who can only be accepted once in his life, was occupied by group boys and the boys.

He then awarded Sir Sean Indir Sang, Jang Duck Chul a Grand Prize and Ben an OST Prize and recognized their popularity and popularity. In the trot category, Tae-jin, Gangnam, and Hong-young received a joint award. The solo dance division was awarded the prestigious award by the solo singer.

Meanwhile, ‘KPMA’ is an award ceremony jointly sponsored by Korean singer association, Korean entertainment producer association, Korean music industry association, Korean music performers association, Korean music copyright society, and Korean mass culture and arts industry association.

◆ Genre Award – Shawn (Indie ) ◆ Rookie of the Year – Boys (Girls), The Boys

◆ Honorable Momma, Omai Girl, Roy Kim, Jangdeok Chul, NCT 127, Momorand, BiTobi, Twice, Red Velvet, Warner One,

◆ Ole TV Best Artist Award – Warner One “Warner Travel”

◆ Solo Dance Award – Cheongha

◆ Group Dance Award – Red Velvet

◆ Simon Dominic (Hip Hop), Ben (OST), BiToBi  Producer Award – Starship Entertainment Kim Dae-Jung

◆ Actor in public performance / reminiscence of public chamber – Kwon Byung Ho / Pentagon

◆ Popularity Award – 1st place Warner One, 2nd place exo

◆ Thanks to you Prize – Cho Yong Pil

◆ Korean Wave Performance Award – Super Junior

◆ Vocalist – Warner One

◆ Music House   – Twice

◆ Album Prize – Bulletproof Boy Scouts

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