Waikiki House opened its doors again. The unexpected popularity received in Season 1 led to the production of Season 2. The producers such as Lee Chang-min, PD and Kim Ki-ho are also in season 1. The problem is that five of the six members who were loved by viewers were filled with new members, except Lee. Whether they can reproduce the laughter that they showed in Season 1 is the key.

On April 25, ‘Warakacha Waikiki 2’ was introduced to the characters of Lee Joong-ki (Lee, Kyung), Cha Woo-sik (Kim Seon-ho) and Gukbongbong (Shin Hyun-soo) I explained the concept. I opened the door of Season 2 because of the irrational setting where the meteorite is falling and the action is delayed and the fire extinguisher is mistaken and it is not visible because the money is not available and the people who are in danger of being kicked out of the guesthouse are out of sight.

The possibilities have shown enough. ‘Seungcha Cha Waikiki’ Season 2 focused on bringing back memories of viewers who enjoyed Season 1 and succeeded to some extent. In the Waikiki House, youth still lived with money and a futureless life with laughter and despair. It was season 1 that led to an unexpected accident, an erratic direction and reaction bursting out, and a distinctive foolish laugh. The new performers lie as if they were there from the beginning. The previous performers left the guest house and showed it to be successful. Not everything came back, but it did not change much over time.

There is an element of insecurity. It is unclear how new members will adapt to the unique atmosphere of the ‘Warakata Waikiki’. In the first episode, it seemed necessary for the actors to digest their comedies in a different way, and it took time for them to achieve harmony. Immediately after the broadcast, online actress Kim Jung-hyun and Jeong In-seon, who appeared in Season 1, responded that they wanted to see it again. Ahn Hee-hee was evaluated as more natural than he thought, but he did not believe how well he could digest an exciting comedy like “Warakata Waikiki”. However, since female characters such as An Soh-hee, Moon Ge-young, and Kim Ye-won have not started their activities in earnest, it is necessary to see what synergy will be achieved when all six people are gathered.

Crisis can be an opportunity. If the crew and members of Season 1 came out as they were, I was under the burden of having to show something new and interesting. New actors will not be able to completely fill in the gap of the first year members. But if their breathing is right, I wonder if they can recreate the comic of ‘Warakata Waikiki’ that was not there before. ‘Warakata Tea Waikiki 2’ is broadcasted every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm.

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