In the JTBC monthly drama ‘Eragakcha Waikiki 2’ broadcasted on the 1st, the appearance of Han Su-yeon (Moongyo-young) who challenged his first part-time job to earn money and a charity ceremony (Kim Sun-ho) for helping him got on the air.

In order to reclaim his father ‘s company and home, So Chae Woo-sik asked Kim Jung-eun (An Soh-hee) to take part-time job. Kim Jong – eun introduced Han Sa – yeon to the event part – time job to attract customers and to write a teddy bear, and Han Su – yeon was frustrated.

Han Su-yeon, who had a passive attitude toward part-time job for the first time, told the event manager, “If it is so, please watch it.” He could not quit, he bought a beer at a convenience store and then went on a part-time job.

Lee Jun-ki (Lee Jung-min) decided to appear on TV programs featuring peculiar and strange people. I tried to apply for the story in 10 seconds with tears, typing with my toes, and blowing the recorder with a nosebleed. Lee Jun Ki, who came to know that the national flag (Shin Hyun-soo) did not feel much cold, came to use it. When the PD (Ishihon) came to the guest house, the national flag went on the rooftop in a summer attire and continued to smoke the cold.

On the other hand, Han Soo-yeon went to part-time job after being drunk and completely different from before. He danced to the song in front of the customers and acted as a loyalist. On this day, the news that “The bear has escaped from the zoo” was reported, and the residents who witnessed Han Su-yeon were surprised. In the end, a resident said, “There is a bear here.”

Emergency crews fired an anesthetic gun at Han Su – yeon, and Han Soo – yeon, who was shot at him, collapsed. After checking the news at home, the tea ceremony came to the hospital. Han Su-yeon came to him and shouted, “I am embarrassed to do it quietly.”

The suffering of the national flag continued. To confirm the fact, PD asked to dive into a pool filled with cold winter ice. At the end of the national flag, “I can not do it because it is too cold,” Lee Jun – gi forced a dive, saying, “If this is all you can do, you can ride on the air.” In the end, the flag was stunned in the water.

Han Soo-yeon, who was discharged from the hospital, found out that she had to go to the portal site under the name “Anesthesia”. “I can not do it because I am so embarrassed and hard,” said Cha Su-yeon, “I can not live with my life, I live in the world.” Han Su – yeon agreed with the sincere advice that “You must win by yourself.

‘Things like this in the world’ PD’s target has gone back to charity. A guest named “Goat” and “Hoam-dong Go-noun” attracted the audience. Han Su – yeon is also known as a ‘bad mama’ and became famous. They used goats and brown mats and photographed the guests who came to the guest house and continued to promote.

Kim Jung Eun and Han Soo Yeon, who had been working part time in the cold, eventually got a cold. Instead of these two, Lee Jun Ki and Chow Sik were on a part-time job. The two men took charge of promoting sanitary napkins. The two men, dressed as sunflowers and angels, had difficulty in selling, saying, “I do not know what the wings are” or “I do not know.”

The national team was placed on the relegation crisis in the team of the baseball team to which it belongs. He was training in front of the coach and supervisor to stay on the team and he was embarrassed to realize that his late son was the one he suffered during the day. Eventually he gave out his cell phone and started to score points.

Lee Jun Ki and Chae Woo Sik who worked part time instead of Kim Jung Eun and Han Su Yeon did their best to sell the fact that Kim Jung Eun and Han Soo Yeon lose their jobs if they do not sell properly. “Wait a minute! My sisters!” When the competition got worse, Lee Jun-gi asked Chae Woo-sik, “Do you think Su-yeon will be fired? “I have lost my money and I have lost all my money,” said Chow Woo-sik. Lee Jung-ki, who was unhappy with Kim Jung Eun who was acting as a substitute driver, did not back down. After an intense competition, the two even fought in front of the store.

Kim received a phone call from the event leader. Both Kim Jung Eun and Han Soo-yeon were fired from part-time jobs due to the struggling Chae Woo-sik and Lee Jun Ki. Han Soo-yeon expressed his gratitude for putting medicine on the forehead wounds of his suffering. I was shocked and surprised by the awkwardness of the tea ceremony, and I was once again shocked by the phone call of the sister Nuri tea (Kim Yewon).

On the other hand, ‘Warakata Waikiki 2’ is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm.

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