The cast has to be schooled in the rules of the game, which comes from the Joseon period and is similar to the more common traditional game of yut. The rules of the scene require the actors to get a particular roll of the “dice” (stick in this case) and Ahn Seung Gyun and Go Ara, who get it right on the first try, are amazed at their own luck.

Kwon Yool later jokes that if Ahn Seung Gyun had failed, he had a number of ad-libs prepared to cover the situation.

In the second half of the behind-the-scenes video, Go Ara and Jung Il Woo rehearse their emotional scene by the river by the side of the road. The two actors rehearse their movements beforehand and get advice about the atmosphere they should create from the director. Jung Il Woo also shows his talent at crying on cue in this scene.

Check out the video below!

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