If you ask about the color of the winner, you can recommend the ‘WE’ album. That ‘s what the group had to do with the new album’ Lily Lily ‘and’ EVERYD4Y ‘. Of course, the lyrics are straightforward and realistic as Winner.

The title song ‘Aye’ is a song that sublimates realistic farewell sensation into the exciting energy of Winner. Winner’s attitude toward separation was cool. However, I actually talked about the title song work, saying, “It’s just a wind.”

“I was inspired by the movie ‘The Temperature of Love’. When I saw the movie, I thought, “I would like to cut it off rather than slap it on the parting.” I made it into a solo piece of ballad genre. This time, I recreated the song as Wiener style, titled ‘All’ and changed the mood. I used my heart that I did not want to get sick and sick. “(Kang Seung-yoon)

“It does not make sense to be cool for parting. Even if the subject itself is a cool farewell, it is a nostalgic feeling of being empty and pretending to be cool. I did not write a song because I felt like I was fine with my farewell. “(Song Min Ho)

“I talked to each other and worked on it while I was making more interesting expressions.” (Lee Seung Hoon)

Not only ‘All’ but also the songs are unpredictable. This is because the title consists of melody and contradictory content. According to the group, this reversal was intentional, and we tried to put our everyday feelings into the album ‘WE’ and ‘WE’.

“I wanted to show a new look every time I tried a lot of genre, but there was a limit. So this time I changed the subject itself. I said farewell. The album name WE is related to the fact that we are trying to deal with the real feelings we feel in our daily life, not fantasy entertainers living in other worlds. “(Kang Seung-yoon)

“I made the sound to fit the season. Ah! There is an ‘animal kingdom’ in the list of songs. When the title was released at first, many people imagined a really hip hip-hop track. It was surprising. I just wrote honestly about the instinctive feelings of love. As we watch the companions, dog companions we raise, we love our love just like the animal kingdom. It is not a title that I intended to look like a deliberate (laugh) “(Song Min Ho)

Finally, Winner’s music is different from ” Easy ”, Song Minho said, ‘I do not know what YG music style is, but I do not think I’ll turn it around. However, our music only reflects Winner’s musical taste, which Winner wants to do. ” We are going to show music that we will release in the future. “

“Rather than wrapping it up, it seems like the lyrics of” I like you “are telling the truth, but it is the color of Winner. I follow the trend, but I feel like I can get rid of my age. “(Lee Seung Hoon)

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