‘Meet Us Now’ is one of the film production support programs that the Ministry of Unification has supported since 2015 in order to contribute to the expansion of consensus on peace and unity of the people.

At the CGV Yongsan Ipark Mall in Yongsan-gu, Yongsan-gu, on the afternoon of the 13th, a press preview was held on the movie ‘Meet Us Now’ (director Seo Yoon Kang). On this day, including Seo Yoon Kang, director Lee Byoung-young, and actor Ha Hin-dong, Nam Nam Mi and Lee Jeong-eun attended and talked about the work.

The ‘We Meet Now’ is an omnibus communication drama that depicts everyday matters such as love, conflict, and communication that are under the huge wave of ‘unification’ in the changing relationship between South and North Korea. Kim Sawyun’s ‘Knight Sense’, Kang Yi-kwan’s ‘Can We Live Well?’, And Bhoo Ji Young’s ‘Hello’.

ute and thrilling love story that began at the Gaeseong Industrial Complex, which was a symbol of inter-Korean exchange and cooperation, starting from the imagination of ‘what happens when men and women are attracted to each other.’

Kim said, “I came up with an article saying that there was a convenience store in Gaesong Industrial Complex, and the material came up.” In a convenience store where I worked part-time to earn money for production, a North Korean woman was wearing a skirt on her jeogori. There are people who are going to deliver things, but I think about the characters and the background, thinking about what to do. “

Kang Yi-kwan’s “Can We Live Well?” Is a music dance movie that compares the inter-Korean relationship with the male-female relationship that prepares for a new beginning of marriage. The idea of ​​unification was not a huge national task, but that it could be approached in a normal way.

Kang said, “It was a time when the situation of the South and North Korea changed drastically when the proposal was made last year. Until a few months ago, I was worried about the war. “I wanted to think about the North and the South and create a movie. I could feel it even if I expressed it with music, dance and song.”

The main part of this episode was performed by dancers Habin-dong and Nam-mi. Two people who challenged the first act through ‘We Meet Now’. “It is the story of unification, the story of Jaebum and Hyunsei, and I was wondering how I could solve this by dancing. I wanted to express the situation that I did not like, but it was hard to do, and I wondered how I could express it well, and I was worried because I had to express unification, not just the two of us. “

He said, “I was glad that it was a film that also meant the unification of North and South Korea. I was worried about the acting but I took it hard and happily.” In the meantime, “As a performer on the stage, it was difficult to discuss the calculation of all the dances, because only the audience was watching and singing, but because they had to express their movements and feelings in front of the camera at various angles. It was fun but it was a different experience. “

‘Hello’ directed by Bhoo Ji-young, is a story about a woman who shares friendship and empathy that she has not thought through a single phone call in North Korea, .

The assistant director said, “I was investigating the material at the time when I was trying to make a movie and I was going to make a film. I actually met North Korean defectors, and I realized that they were able to make phone calls with their families in North Korea. I thought it was a blockage, but there were some people on the phone talking about it, and then I imagined what would happen if I got a wrong call to me or someone in the movie. ” .

Lee Jung-eun said, “I did not see the contents because I made a relationship with Bhoo Ji-young in ‘Cart.’ I also have a family member who works like a person in the actual drama and misses my father and grandmother. “I felt like I was close to the character and acted.”

Lee Jung-eun also said, “When I received a phone call from the north of the drama, a strange friendship accumulates.” “I was wondering if there was a calm touch in my mind and I was wondering if an accident could break the boundary.” “If young people think about the issue of eating and living, they are worried about how to unify the economy economically, so it seems that North-South unification seems to be a good thing,” he said. I hope that it will change into a better direction to make a peaceful society. “

Meanwhile, ‘We Meet Now’ will be released on the 29th.

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