The MBC drama ‘Welcome 2 Life (directed by Kim Geun-hong, Sim So Yeon, written by Yu-hee Kyung)’ was broadcast on the 5th.

(Jung Ji-hoon) waited for someone with a bouquet. It was Zion (Lim Ji-yeon). Unlike the thrill, Sion made a disturbed look. In a hurry, Jae-sang presented a bouquet of flowers, and Zion said, “It’s over with you.” 

A few days later, Jason and Zion met again in court. The lawyer, Jae-Sang, coldly defended the case of the assault on a large company, overturning the case. In addition, he bought a witness and induced false statements. The Witness said there was a coercion investigation, and Zion and Dong-Taek (Kwak Ji-yang) were upset that they were “buying a witness, this is a lie.” 

Kang Yun-gi (Han Sang-jin) and Lee Jae-sang received a case of a hit. Shinyou had to sue Zion for violence, but he refused, saying, “We have a lot of cases going forward.” In addition, Yoon was actively supporting the rebirth with the approval of the partnership. Yunki said, “This law firm will be in charge of you, CEO Jae-sang Lee.” Jae-sang said, “I will do better than I expect.” 

Zion, who drove a drunk driving crackdown, witnessed this. Another encounter on the road. At this time, Zion said, “I was in the same position as you were 12 years ago.”

It turned out that a lawyer who studied lawyer 12 years ago was raped and helped a woman who ran away and was taken to a police station. Even though he was a victim, he was willing to pay the rapist a settlement. Zion witnessed it, rescued her from danger by searching for the victim. Thanks to Zion, the recollection was well resolved, and Zion was asked, “Be the first person to solve the problem,” and “Be a lawyer to fight the bad guy.” “I think I have a small thorn in my head,” recalls Lee. 

Zion received a new case. An old man working in a small supermarket announced his daughter’s disappearance. Zion was saddened by the situation that the abduction grounds were not enough to help. The elderly handed the button that had fallen and said that the initials of the president were stuck. Zion confirmed the initials that could be an affiliate logo in the pamphlet of the Hongwoo Group affiliated company. Zion asked Jaesang, “If you are a real professional lawyer, help me.” 

In the end, Jae-hoon accepted the proposal of Zion and chased the questioning chief of staff. Jae-sang confirmed that the president was in the United States and immediately asked his secretary, “Why are you doing your wife? 

At the end of the twilight, we found out that the victim was abducted in the garage. The victim, who was actually caught, was wrapped in horror by the hijackers. Zion and his successor arrived late, and Zion smelled an unexpected gunpowder in the field. I followed the smell, but the victim had already become a cold body. 

The incident decided to stand as the witness of the opposite side, and Hongwoo group was sent to stop such an accident. Jae-sang called Zion and said, “I’ll fix it, I felt I was living right, but it wasn’t, everything was tangled up like a thread.” So I need you so I can do it, so I need your help. ” However, the gangster ran to get into the car of his father, and Jae-sang predicted death by saying, “The more tangled snails are tangled the more I try to loosen them, I am too late.”

But within the room I was awakened. “Why did I come to heaven?” At that time, Zion came into the room and called the “Honey” as a “couple”. There was a wedding photograph in the room. Jaesang was surprised to say, “We are married.” 

Meanwhile, ‘Welcome 2 Life’ is a drama about a romantic comedy investigation in which a malicious lawyer who pursued only his own interests was sucked into a parallel world by accident and opened up by an upright prosecutor. 

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