In the 5th and 6th episodes of the MBC drama ‘Welcome 2 Life’, which was broadcast on the 12th, Lee Jae-sang (Jung Ji-hoon) ‘s confusion was depicted.

Lee Sang-sang was frustrated by the fact that Lazion (Im Ji-yeon) and Ivona (Lee Sua) are not dreams. The moment Lee Jae-sang yelled why he still doesn’t wake up, a sudden shock came. Lee fell to bed with pain of unknown cause, and quickly recovered and perplexed.

Lazion added that he was embarrassed by telling Lee that he should go to visit Kim under investigation. Hongwoo Group’s private wife was injured by Kim investigator, not Lee Jae-sang, on a truck that moved to kill Lee.

Lee visited the hospital and found out that investigator Kim had recovered consciousness at about 8 am. It was the same time that Lee Sang-soo suffered and fell in doubt in the morning.

Lee also found out that the time and place of the traffic accident were the same as the original parallel world. The other was the only driver. Unlike in the original world, Lee Jae-sang drove in a parallel world, and because of that, Kim was injured in the passenger seat.

Through this, Jae-sang Lee speculated that the situation would come after a week. He confidently went to the prosecutor’s office with the intention of only lasting a week, but he quickly became frustrated by the amount and intensity of his work.

In addition, Lee Jae-sang had to do household chores that he did not because of the existence of the family that was not in the world. Eventually, after the nosebleed, he even attempted suicide to return to the world.

However, Lee continued to work as a prosecutor without dying or returning to the original world. He joined Lazion, Dong-taek (Kwak Si-yang) and Yang Go-woon (Lim Sung-jae) to investigate the disappearance and quickly noticed the case.

Lazion and other investigators speculated that the daughter of the blind, Roh Young-mi, may have been missing from the debtors, but Lee suspected that the daughter had run out of debt. Suspicious testimony from the missing daughter’s friends, neighborhood residents, and the hospital continued.

Lee Jae-sang asked the reporter if he attempted to commit suicide with his daughter and failed. He insisted the reporter face the reality, saying, “These people here aren’t the people who are looking for people.”

Seeing the cold attitude of Lee Jae-seon and the detectives were embarrassed. In particular, Lazion comforted the complainant, saying that she had lost a precious person and that she would find her daughter.

Later, the right arm of Roh Young-mi was found in a separate collection box with his arms cut off. In addition, the missing reporter’s lover Cho Ae-sook appeared. Ae-sook Cho not only wrote the reporter’s consent form but also checked the insurance policy.

Racion and other detectives speculated that Cho Ae-sook would have injured his insurance. On the other hand, Lee Jae-sang, who watched the situation, was shocked by suggesting that not only Cho Ae-sook, but also Roh Sook-chan and Roh Young-mi could be insurance frauds.

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