In the 21st and 22nd episodes of MBC’s Wolhwa drama ‘Welcome 2 Life’, which was broadcasted on the 9th, Lee Jae-sang (Jeong Ji-hoon) joined Jang Do-sik (Son Byeong-ho) as a special examiner.

On this day, Lee Jae-sang visited the ossuary of Anserin (Lee Soo-ah) and apologized for not coming quickly. He said, “It took me 10 years to know my fault. I remember my daughter Bonna because Serine sees you.” He promised to keep Lacy and catch the criminal.

Lee Jae-sang then joined the special prosecutor’s office. The special criminals were shocked and opposed by Lee’s appearance. Lee Jae-sang, then, was incompetent and blamed them for missing him, so he told him to learn how to catch him.

Oh Seok-joon (Park Won-sang) told Lee Jae-sang not to do anything but to stay as a barn. Rather than accepting Jae-sang Lee as a prosecutor, he accepted it to imprison.

But Lee Jae-sang did not listen to Oh Seok-joon. He summoned Jang Do-shik as a reference and bought back opposition from the team. The special members of the team watched for Lee Jae-sang, who acted as a dogma without consulting, while watching Lee build a confrontation with Jang Do-sik.

Lee Sang-sang said that the body was found under the Platinum E & C site and asked if the person who killed Ahn Su-ho had the greatest benefit. Then Jang Do-sik and Kang Yun-ki (Han Sang-jin) said that Ahn took 1.5 billion in cash and that the greatest benefit was the blood of Ahn. It was aimed at Lazion.

Lee Jae-sang said, “But Ahn is not the culprit.” He said Jang Do-sik’s support rate was falling after Ahn’s body was discovered, and Min Shim also suspected it. Then he nailed Jang Do-sik, “some of us will lose everything.”

Among them, Lee Jae-sang moved to Lazion next door. Lee Jae-sang, “Oh my god. Who is this? Lacy not?”

He also prepared gifts for Lazion. It was a gift that considered Lazion, such as Jelly’s favorite jelly, a puncture to pierce a clogged toilet, and a sticker on the corner of the table.

Lazion said to Lee, “Why are you? What is your real intention?” Then Lee Jae-sang came in because he wanted to catch the real killer, “I have to finish the homework, if you finish it, I will turn it off completely.”

However, Lee Jae-sang, who was left alone, thought of Lazion and Ivona (Lee Sua) in a parallel world with tears.

Since then, Lee has taken extreme measures to prevent Jang Do-Sik. Called Platinum E & C’s private equity on an informal route to request a deal. Jae-sang Lee said he knew his wife and son were exposed to Jang Do-sik’s violence and told him to hold his hand and testify to him.

Special detectives, on the other hand, knew that the case was not the first. There was a woman who died in the same way before the Gunwan Mountain Buried Case. At the same time, it was revealed that the prosecutor in charge of the incident was Kang Yun-ki, which added confusion.

Dong-taek Kwak suspected that the reason for Lee’s joining the special edition might be to cover the case, and Razion was confused by Lee’s actions and heart.

Lazion was later depicted in a crisis by the mistress. Lee got Lazion and sent it to the emergency room, and Lazion asked him, “What’s the homework you have to do?

Lee Jae-sang said, “I’m protecting you.” “If you face the truth, you’ll be more sick. Just look at me, Zion.”

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