On January 23, KBS 2TV new tree drama ‘Why Goseok-sang’ (written by Moon Mun-Nam and Director Jeong Hyung-wook) depicts the busy scene of Yoo Jun-sang (Yoo Jun-sang) lost.

On that day, Ewha Sang (Lee Seo Young) and Yoo Heung Man (Yoon Sun Woo) visited the nursing hospital where he had his mother. “I wish I had a mother like that. If I had a mother, I would not have lived like this. “He said,” Did not you know? You sold me your mother. “When I was three, I got paid by the nightclub manager I was working with.” So, the picture showed “I can not believe it” and did not believe it. The burn came back to the house, and he offered to sell it to him, but he refused. The picture says, “You are happy to be with me. I hugged him, saying, “Hold me.”

Ehwa-Sang met this wind to demand money. “I do what you do. It is empty and I can not die. I can not do it because I do not want to, “he said.” Tell me where you are now. Another guy you meet again. ” “I have money to pay for the hospital, and I have no money to patronize. I gave up to college, my brother gave me rice and laundry, but I only favored it for a year. ”

Lee Jung-sang (Jeon Hye-bin), who met Cho Young-pil, confessed that she broke up with Jin-jik (Song Jong-ho). “I honestly seem to have noticed it when I lived together. I would have been worried about going back to her mother when I opened my eyes. Honestly, the mothers are in love and it is love and they are running away, “he said.” He has no choice. The wipe was a wrist. ”

Gwanghang (Choi Sungjae) caught the dream to leave for the island. At that time, the hospital director called the summit. The head of the hospital said to the head, “Do not make scars again,” and the summit can stay in the hospital again. This was because seriousness asked the hospital director to return to the summit. Seriously, instead of retreating from the hospital chief, he supported the trauma center. When I got to know him, he called my sincerity.

On the other hand, Jae-sang (Oh Ji-hoon), who met with Jae-sang (Jung So-young), hit the water slug as soon as the truth came to his seat. The truth was angry like fire, but my ailing shed tears. The truth is, “If you get married, you live well. Why do you have a divorce? “Why do you like me?” My aunt said, “I just like it without a reason.” He said, “If a man falls, he’ll fall.” He gave money to the trauma. He pretended to dislike the trauma, but put the money in his pocket.

The winds were about to go out to the restaurant (Shin Dongmi) and heard the news that they had gone to the ex-husband from the sender (Lee Sang-suk). The windmill turned to the burn in that way and grabbed the head of the burn and dragged it home. The image is “I do not care. “What do you do if you sell alcohol or sell yourself?” You should have done it for your loss. Why is it good for other people and bullying for my sisters? “The loser went out of the house saying,” I did not even have a meal out for my younger sisters. ”

I lost my father ‘s father (In – hwan Park). Kang Bong-gu made the loss of handing the note to the lost person.

He said that he came to pick up the wind and pick up the burn. “I will be responsible for my brother,” he said. He said, “You’ve already forgotten. He hits you and goes to the emergency room a few times. If you do not mind, I’ll give you money and get divorced. ” I will pick it up, “he said. The image says, “Who do you pick in my position? He is also a poor person. I have been abused by my stepfather since I was a child. ”

“I want to be responsible for my side in my life. I can not let my sisters die even if I die. “He warned,” I can not help taking any special measures. ” Eventually the burns left the house.

This (Kim Ji-young) did not go to school and secretly worked in the club wearing clothes of the aunt. This photo was taken by an auspicious person and I was working in a club.

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