It is the identity of the fire. Who is Kabuli, the first question of viewers? We looked into the suspects Kang met.

On October 10, KBS 2TV’s TV drama “ When Camellia Bloomed ” (played by Sang-Chun Choi, director Cha Young-hoon, Kang Min-kyung, and production fan entertainment), Yong-sik (Kang Sky) reflected on the day when CCTV was installed in Camellia to find the fire. All. The day that Kabul left a threatening message to Camellia, he cleverly moved to the blind spot of CCTV, so he assumed that there was a fire among all the people he met from the moment he bought the CCTV to the hardware store. Is there any real doubt among the various suspects met by Yong Sik, who was a “continuous work of timelessness” that day?

#One. Ongsan Crab Alley

It was a coincidence that Yong-sik’s journey began with the purchase of CCTV at Heung-sik’s hardware store. Kwak Deok-soon Crab Kwak Deok-soon (Goodu-sim), ‘3rd generation’s daughter-in-law’ restaurant, Chan-sook Park (Kim Sun-young), ‘Bakehouse’ Kim Jae-young (Kim Mi-hwa), and ‘White House’ (Lee Sun-hee) and Seung-yop sister (Kim Mo-a) faced. The ritual of fasting a gigantic gaze, like a laser, had to say anything. Crab alleys who meet the camellia (Gong Hyojin) and CCTV in their house do not change even if they become a bird’s nest. What is the most likely suspect among those who are currently in a bad relationship with camellia?

#2. Camellia Family

Camellia alba flavor (sondambi) and camellia mother Jo Jung-sook (Lee Jung-eun) are also suspects facing the ceremony that day. The flavor is hard to grasp the inside, unlike the outward appearance. They don’t sneak up in Camellia, but they’re going to Copenhagen without a hurry. “Face, everyone is nice. Be careful of the people, ”she said. As the sergeant (Chungsoo Bae) says, “This happens after the class comes.” While she is dementia, she does not have any accidents and raises suspicion that “dementia is right” and stimulates curiosity about what quietness is hiding.

# 3. A married couple

Roh Kyu-tae (Oh Jung-se) is the most suspicious of Yong Sik. It was because he bought the building where Kabul’s last incident occurred and took financial advantage. In addition, he met at a hardware store, complaining about nailing Camellia, and his suspicion doubled, showing a rather intimidating appearance, wielding sharp tools and turning wires. The suspect that met Yong did not end here. I found Hong Ja-young (Yeom Hye Ran) sniffing in front of Camellia. A few days ago, she was suspicious of her husband Gyutae and camellia to remove Camellia. Did Jayoung’s visit to Camellia have a different intention?

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