Ji Seo-young (EL) asked Harib to release Seo Dong-cheon’s album after Kim Lee-kyung was spotlighted as a Kelly. Meanwhile, Lee Choong-ryul (Kim Hyung-muk Bun) asked me to step on the back of Halib to find out where Seo Dong-cheon was.

Kim Lee Kyung-kyung was hospitalized by his father Kim Taek-sang (Jung Ki-sub). Despite the hopeless outcome, Kim hoped that Kim Taek-sang would happen for happiness. Kim Yi-kyung also asked his friend Yu-hee Lee (Jun Ji-hyun) to work as a manager.

Lu’s mother, Song Yeon-ah, meets Harib and asks for help to help Luca get surgery. Ye Sung-ah recalled Seo Dong-cheon, who helped herself at a pub in 1998. Because I saw Harib eating and grooming Nogari in an unusual way.

Kim began to act as a star. Taking pictures and signing the fans had a happy day.

Mo Tae-gang was confused when Ji Seo-young came home and thought about the feeling of ‘love’. At the same time he showed interest in Ji Seoyoung.

Paparazzi reported that Kim’s mother, Jeong Sun-sim (So Hee-jung), exploded while nursing Kim Taek-sang. It is also reported that Harib is the son of Seodongcheon. Lee Choong-ryul threatened Kim Kyung-kyung and asked where he was.

Thanks to Luca, Harib escaped from the crowd and spoke with Luca. Luca recalled Seo Dong-cheon’s memories when he saw him as a child and asked, “Will you come that day?” Harib recalled, saying, “Ah?

When Lee Choong-ryul tried to introduce Ye-sung-a to the reporters, Mr. Kang (Kyung-ho Yoon) appeared and issued a notice saying, “ There are three days left for the contract with the devil. ” Lee Choong-ryul also signed with Tae-kang.

When Luca became seriously injured, Harib went to Motae and knelt. Harib begged, “I’d rather die.” Then, Mo Tae-gang placed a condition to bring Kim’s soul.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, medical staff gave up Lucca. Harib came back to the hospital and said, “I’m sorry, but I need your soul.” “It’s hard to believe, but I think I lived a hundred years,” he tried to get a contract with the devil. “I don’t know what you mean. But I want to be PD’s eaves.” Harip asked, “I’m sorry, can your soul give me?”

‘Devil’ is a soul mortgage comic fantasy where the star composer Harib, who sold the soul to the devil, plays a life-long game before his contract expires.

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