On the 4th, the TVN tree drama ‘When the Devil Calls Your Name’ was shown in the fourth episode of Mo Tae Kang (Park Sung Woong) and Ji Seo Young (EL) eating together.

On this day, Mo Tae-gang ate hard and praised, “Everyone compliments the propulsion of the representatives, I do not see that. I like the delicateness of the representatives.” Followed by Kang, who advised that “humans like praise.”

When Ji Seoyoung did not answer anything, Mo Tae Kang asked, “Why? Are you uncomfortable? Kang also recalled that “humans like jokes,” adding, “I’m kidding.”

Ji Seo-young said, “You look good, you’re a bit uncomfortable people who did not eat. I feel comfortable.” He thought that there was something left to say between the two, he said that he would be faithful only as a representative of his company.

Then Ji Seo-young said, “Easy to eat, Bob,” as soon as he woke up, the sound of a jab rang on Ji Seo-young’s belly.

Ji Seo-young squeezed her stomach and quickly left her seat, and Motae Kang, who saw it, said to herself, “I know I’m starved.”

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