On the 4th, TVN tree drama ‘When the Devil Calls Your Name’ on the 8th, Kim Yi-kyung (Lee Seol-min) said, “What is scary about Kim Kim Kyung-stopping music. It’s a good chance. If I can overcome my desire to play music with him, I can do anything. ”He accepted Harip’s suggestion. 

Halip, who never said, reluctantly took the descent that brought him. The river, however, had a tentative strike and confronted Harib. In the end, Harib said, “I will work when I am not at home. Don’t be shy in an underground room. Coffee has a Chilean Fair Trade Certification Mark. Nuts must be kept refrigerated. Don’t eat anything squeezed. I figured out my route so I never met. I will wash my once used towel ”. 

Harib tried to concentrate on the music work to make a promise with the demon Mo Tae Kang (Park Sung Woong), but it was not easy. In the midst of a sore head appeared runaway youth. Luca (Songgang) from Montenegro said he was a fan of Harib and visited the company and house. Ji Seo-young (whose Elle) sent him to Harib under the direction of Lee Choong-ryul (Kim Hyung-mook), that Luca was the son of Prime Minister Montenegro. 

Luca quickly made friends with Kim. The two shared a love of music and spent time together in a jjimjilbang. Luca calls him Kelly. Especially after watching the video of Kim Lee-kyung playing guitar and singing on YouTube, I was even more in love. While playing the keyboard, I asked Kim Yi-Kyung to sing the overlooked gallbladder. Hesitantly, Kim Kyung-kyung stood in front of Mike for Luca. 

Harib saw this. Ju-Line (Ewha Gumbun) shouted “What are you singing here?” And Harib replied, “My housework assistant.” Kim left the laundry with the greetings saying sorry. Luca said, “No. Kelly was a singer. ”But Harib said nothing bitterly. 

Mo Tae-gang finally ate with Ji Seo-young. “People compliment the leader’s drive, but I don’t see it. The landlord is delicate. Are you uncomfortable with the scandal? I’m kidding. ” Ji Seo-young said, “You’re good at passing rice. Even if it’s a little uncomfortable, I can’t eat anything. This place is comfortable. Acknowledge reality. I guess you’re done. I will not be uncomfortable. Enjoy your meal, Bob. ” 

Kim tried hard in his poor and light life. Quietly drinking a glass of wine and listening to it, Harib blushed. Kim said, “I really don’t have talent. You listened to my song when you were driving. ” Harib said, “I grab a microphone and I’m mistaken. Didn’t you stop the music? ” 

Kim said, “I thought I should give up. If you look at it so hard, you’ve wanted me to keep up with music. It was like an eave that could escape when the sun was hot and could rest when it rains. The music told me that the song was to me. But Harib said, “If you need it, you can build a house with eaves. I feel dirty when you listen to your songs. ” 

However, Harib continued to suffer by chewing on Kim’s song. Not knowing this, Kim Kyung-kyung said he would leave Harib’s house. “I’m here because I want to keep playing music. I’m really trying to quit music. That’s why I want to stop my helper job. ” The descent blamed Halip. 

Harib finds out that Kim is in desperation. So I took Motaegang to the cafe where Kim worked. Mo Tae-gang practiced magic to know Kim’s sincerity, and Kim said, “Please eat quickly. It’s crazy if you look over your face. If I look at your face, I keep wanting music. I want to do music. I want to play music. ” 

When Harib saw Kim, he felt that he had been saved. Earlier, Mo Tae-gang had asked you to bring a desperate first-class soul on condition of extending the Soul and Soul contract. However, Mo Tae-gang said that Kim was not a first-class soul as an excuse for Kim ‘s swearing. Harib repeatedly explained, “Zola is not a swear word.” But Mo Tae-kang also worried that “there is no first-class soul.” 

Harib was troubled. Do not sell Kim’s soul to the devil. “It’s time to choose,” he said. “It’s a great time to save a desperate child. You’re a savior. You can save that child.” What should I do again? ” 

Eventually, he called Kim Kyung-kyung, saying, “I’m sorry. At that time, Kim went down to the basement room of Harib’s house. Where Harib told me not to go. There was a guitar used by Seodongcheon during the liver and gallbladder. Kim Yi-kyung, who looked at it, was puzzled, but Harip’s errand was asked to come to the station with Cheongshimhwan and sunglasses. 

Harib, who was on stage, introduced Kim, Lee, “This is my new muse kelly.” Under the stage, Kim Yi-kyung denied, “I don’t sing now. Harib said, “I’ll be the elevator so go up and ride me. Don’t talk twice. Go up and sing your song. 

Then he said, “I’m going to the top with my hand. You’re a first-class soul. It’s my soul.” 

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