On the afternoon of the 9th, KBS 2TV new tree drama ‘Why Goseung Sang’ (written by Moon Mun Young Nam, directed by Jin Hyungwook) suffered the father of Lee Paeng Sang (Yoo Jun Sang).

He was the only eldest son to take care of his father ‘s burial, the last of which he had seen in a restaurant a year ago. My father, Lee Jin-sang (Oh Ji-ho), was meeting with the elderly sister, Sookmyung, and Lee Hwa-sung (Lee Seo-young) tried to marry a couple by pretending to be twins Lee Jung-sang (Chun Hye-bin). The summit revealed the truth of the burn that brought the man to marry at the funeral home. The funeral ceremony was a mess in this postwar bust.

The other side (Lee Chang-yeob) said, “There are no more people to come, but please stop.” “It is the person who died already. Do not you sit for a day or two? ” The trauma was “my poor mother. I can not stop the human funeral that took my mother who was always beaten and run away, “he said. He said he was “still father,” but the trauma was “I have not seen it five times since I lived 29 years. I was sitting without seeing my brother, “he replied.

“I do not want to be here either,” I said. “I do not know why I should do this.” The top also said, “Do not you know we have the same mind without saying anything?” He said, “No matter how much I have done, my father has not left me, but my father is the one who made us in the world.” But he said, “Only my brother seems to think so. We do not think so. ”

In the funeral home where the brothers left, mother ‘s no – conscience (Lee Bo – hee) came and the wind chased out “Where is this place come?” Conscience “I want to live in harmony with you. Do not do this to your mother, “and the winds turned cold. The conscience in his back “Is not your father left? I do not have insurance. ” “Do not blame your father. I did not die on the street that way. I’ve seen everything you’ve done. ” The conscience said, “Have you not seen the gold bullion? I heard that your father had a gold lump that came down from generation to generation. ” “Do not you ever ask your sisters’ respects? I asked him, “Is that a good thing?” The conscience said, “It’s a little bit different.” “Do not appear in front of my sisters. Do not touch your brother who does not know anything. ”

I tried to calculate the cost of the funeral hall, but the card was over the limit. At this time, the top officer paid the cost of the funeral hall, and the wind came alone on his father’s footsteps. At the beginning, I was able to live if I had only a liver transplant, and I tried to contact my children and I was told that I refused. The last thing I saw in my eyes to see the child. “I’m really sorry. If you do not say that, you will not be able to close your eyes. I’m really sorry, “he said to his older son. The windmill sprinkled his father’s remains on the river and missed the ashes and fell into the river.


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