On the night of the 13th, 37, 38 episodes aired on KBS 2TV 40 trilogy drama ‘Why Geun-sang’ (written by Moon Young-Nam).

Lee Jin-sun (Oh Ji-ho) cried with tears of sorrow when he realized that the loss (Shin Dongmi) gave him a liver. “I do not want to feel guilty for my life,” said Jin-sang, “I do not want to feel guilty for my life.” “We have a couple of brothers. Give me a sister. The loser said, “I am the other person. Do not be sad because it is my own.” I wiped the tears of the truth.

That time Ewha Sang (Lee Sun Young) learned the truth about Yoo Jun Sang (Yoo Jun Sang) and he went to Seoul again. Lee Hwa-sung (Jeon, Hye-bin) visited and decided to donate liver. I was surprised to hear this news. And Ehwa-Sang promised Lee Jung-sung to keep it secret until he died.

Lee Jung Sang brought Ehwa Sang in front of the other room (Lee Chang-yeob). “The trauma is in there now,” he said. The tears shed on the image of the other side lying unconscious.

The burns hit the top of the table and he said, “Why did not you say so soon? I wanted the trauma to die. Lee Jung-sang hit back on Ewha Womans again and said, “If you know, I will not tell you that it’s hard for all of you to come.

Ehwa Sang said, “It is a year like Psychopath.” Then, Ewha Sang said to Lee Jung-sang, “Everything is because of me.” So the normal was comforting the trauma.

Kang Bong-gu (Park In-hwan) visited the bank to get the loan from the house document as collateral. In the envelope containing the house document, only the note of “lost” (Shin Dongmyu) was passed through the skin sample.

In the meantime, he ran to his house with anger and promised that he would “pay the money back”. Kang Bong-gug said, “What power do you pay 20 million won?” “I will pay it back,” said Lee Jung Sang, He said, “If you only get surgery, this person can live normally. Why do you talk like a dying person?” “I will repay the money and promise I will write a memorandum.”

Lee Hwa-sung found out that his mother’s conscience (Lee, Bo-hee) donated blood to his liver and got scammed with Lee Jun-sang. This is what Lee Jung-sang (Jeon Hye-bin) has revealed. Ehwa-sang came to the gambling hall and told his grand conscience, “Give me 20 million won. The conscience of the grandparents said, “What a scam, I was afraid because I was in the operating room, I could not sleep again.” “I honestly say that you sold me a long time ago. You sold your daughters and you did not deserve to be a mother.”

Lee Hwa-sung and Lee Jung-sang went into liver transplant surgery together. During the anesthesia in the operating room, Ehwa-sang said, “My twin sister is a liver so I can transplant her liver alone. My sister told me she would not do surgery alone.” The results of the transplanted liver transplant were successful. The loss of the liver did not hide the thrill. Lost in the room (Shin Dong-mi) hugged her daughter (Kim Ji-young) and said, “I lived my father.”

On the other hand, Lee Jin – sang (Oh Ji – ho) can not go to the hospital and calls the loser, “Poor top, look at the face of the burn, I am a lifelong sinner, please tell me sorry.

Lee returned to the general ward and met Lee Jung-sang, a doctor in a robe. I do not know the fact that my sisters donated the liver, asked Lee Jeong-sang, “Can not I contact the family who donated new life to me?” Lee Jung Sang did not tell the liver transplant until the end.

At the end of the drama, Lee Sang-an was shocked to find out that he had lost consciousness in the intensive care unit.

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