On the 27th, KBS2’s drama “Why Grappa Sung” was broadcast on the afternoon of the 27th, which depicted Lee Jung Sang (Yoo Jun Sang), who is struggling for liver transplantation, and the liver loss (Shin Dongmyun).

Lee Jin-sun (Oh Ji-ho) and Lee Hwa-Sang (Lee Seo-young) opposed the end of the transitional liver transplant. Lee Hwa-sung said, “I should have spoken of it. Lee Jin-sang also said, “I would not have done this if I had not put it in a mental hospital.”

“I do not know if it’s liver cancer, but it’s a secret to my sisters,” she said. “He said. However, Ewha Sang is angry with “I do not want to go to the end,” and Lee Jin-sang said, “My brother-in-law would have to go.”

At that time, Lee came to the house and told his sisters, “I will not fight because of me, I will not take care of my life. The twins, who returned their sisters, lied alone in the room.

The liver loss reported to the liver bug (Park In-hwan) of the epidemic liver cancer news. “What do you have to do with him?” He asked. “Tell your brothers to report, I am more pitiful to you. Kang Bogu tore out the liver loss to go to the boss. I lost my last car and went to the next day. Lee said, “I thought I would not come.

“I do not think people should be alive, but they are desperate,” repeatedly asked the liver transplantation. However, Ewha-sung said, “I am going to receive the punishment, how can you do it with me?” “Since I was a child,” “After telling him, he sat down.

Cho Young-pil (Kwon Se-min) noticed the fact that his younger brother Lee Jung-sang (Jeon Hye-bin) Lee said, “I would like to have him contact me when I get in touch.” He also visited Macho Nam (Lee Hyun-woong) and asked for a residence on the outside, but no income. Cho Young-pil found the statue beyond the end of the sentence. He said, “My older brother has come, and the whole family is looking for you.” The other prize warned, “I have no family, do not tell anyone that you saw me.”

The debtors have repeatedly demanded the repayment. The liver loss was angered by the fact that Lee Jung Sang used 70 million won for cancer diagnosis. He said he would pay off the remaining cancer. Then this is my last fortune, and then you’ll have to live with it. “The loss of money began to be borrowed from acquaintances.

Lee said to the interlocutor, “I hope my sisters have grown up for my sake.” “At first I was sick and I hated it. I think I can do it if I change my position.” The lost secretary advised me, “Now think only of yourself,” and presented the clothes. Lee said, “Can I wear these clothes next year?” And the loss of the liver tears. The next day, the liver was delighted to receive a call that the donor appeared.

On the other hand, ‘Why is Mr. Fukangsa’ is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 pm.

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