Kim has even given birth after pregnancy.

On the 10th, JTBC drama ‘The Wind is Blower’ (directed by Hwang Ju Ha), Kwon Do-hoon (Gam Woo Sung) was shown to resolve his divorce with Lee Soo-jin.

On this day, Lee Su – jin was successful in attracting Kwon Do – hoon to the hotel. Kwon was aware of everything but did not express it. I tried to do as I did.

Lee succeeded in securing evidence of the adultery as planned. But I was not happy. Kwon did not know until the end.

Kwon had lost more and more memories. I was wandering around looking for a house, and having trouble remembering my front door password. So I decided to divorce.

Kwon, who had taken the seal on the divorce papers, went to his friend Choi, Choi (Lee Jun – hyuk) ‘s house. Choi did not understand the divorce between Kwon Dohoon and Lee Soojin. Kwon did try to persuade, but it was not easy.

Kwon Do – hoon and Soo – jin Lee who met again in court. Kwon said, “Forget all my bad looks, memories, and actions and live well.” Lee Soo-jin said, “I really hope I will not have anything left in your heart.” Kwon Dohoon says, “I forget everything. I will do my best. I will never pretend to know even if I come across it accidentally. ” Lee Su-jin, who does not know that Kwon Do-hoon is Alzheimer’s, said bluntly.

Kwon Dohoon asked Lee Su-jin for a play date. I thought I was sent to another woman, not myself.

In the meantime, Kwon Dohoon’s illness was getting worse and worse. Where is Choi ‘s house, the promise is forgotten. Kwon did run to the promised place with Lee Soo – jin. The play has already begun. Lee Soo-jin, who was watching from afar, was amazed at the appearance of Kwon Do-hoon. Kwon did not want to follow him. Then he took out his wedding ring and threw it into the trash. 

Lee Soo-jin confirmed the pregnancy. Sookmyung (Park Hyojoo) was dry, but Lee Soojin decided to give birth. Lee Soo-jin, who saw Kwon Do-hoon’s diary as a coincidence, crossed all over. Afterwards, I informed Kwon Dohoon that she was pregnant. However, Kwon Dohun hurried out. And I secretly shed tears.

A few years later, Lee had a busy time with childcare. I accidentally encountered Kwon Dohoon on the street. Lee was busy hiding her daughter, but Kwon did not hesitate to go somewhere.

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