‘Workshop’ Choi camel and ID were sweet, but Gosungmin and Bigwon were a little off. 

On the 8th TVN ‘Workshop’, musicians were searched in earnest. 

Id and Yi were frankly confided in their minds. “I want to know a bit more, but I was fortunate to say that the first person who came to the first impression was the best camel”. Yi said, “I want to talk about Stella Chang. I wonder what he has in mind.” Yi and Id decided to be helpers of each other. 

The ID, which showed interest in the best camel ‘s good impression, gave courage to the best camel. Choi asked Camel, “Can you help me to pass the road test?” Choi Camel accepts.

The female musicians also honestly list the favorable rankings of male musicians in their own places. “I think it’s a good person,” said Cha-hee. “It should be said that the eyes seem to be true. I want to keep watching.” Gosongmin said, “Bigwon seems to be in the top two, but Bigwon thinks he likes me, but he seems to be a good person to everyone.” Jang Jae-in said, “I do not do it to me and Stella.” Soong Sung-min said, “Nam Tae-hyun is a business feeling.”

Yi asked Myr for advice. I confessed to Stella Chang that I had told him to eat on White Day. Mir said, “I want to keep my courtesy, so I eat a lot of things like pasta and steak. 

There was also time to peep into each other and to look inside. Most camels and IDs are Jenga, and most camels are ID. Gosungmin also confessed that the Big Won is the top ranking. 

After that, Big One said, “I was happy to tell you that,” he said, “I did not think lightly, first impression, who was the best of the five?”, And Gosongmin replied “brother” and answered “Thank you. Big Won replied, “It all seems okay. I do not think I have a face to fall in,” but “I think you are the most beautiful.”

Gosongmin wanted to know whether Bigwon was the answer because of his mention of Bigwon as the first rank, but Bigwon’s position was ambiguous. I was expecting part of the fragrance sprinkled by the high souls, but I did not know the name of the fragrance. 

“I thought I liked me, but I think I’m in the top, so think about me again,” he said. He said, “It was good.” 

Unlike the pink atmosphere of ID and Choi Camel, it attracts attention to what will be the difference between Gosongmin and Bigwon. 

‘Workshop’ will be broadcast every Wednesday at 11:00 pm. 

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