The JTBC news program “JTBC Newsroom,” which was broadcasted on the evening of the 14th, reported on the suspicion of drug purchases by Biey.

On that day, Yang Hyun-suk and Yang Min-seok resigned from the position of CEO and representative of YG Entertainment respectively.

Before the two men came out, the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency said they would investigate the allegations of drug abuse.

Police officials did not give specific answers to the reasons for not investigating Via once and for not finding any additional clues.

Among them, a police official called Han Seo-hee (A), who was the first informant, as a reference and said he would investigate the case again.

Meanwhile, Han Seo-hee told YG Entertainment’s “Spotlight on Lee Kyu-yeon” cultural program that YG Entertainment organized and threatened to cover up the drug incident. The ‘Spotlight’, which is an interview with Hanse Hee, will be broadcast on the 20th.

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