On September 29, Yang Hyun-seok showed up as a suspect at an intelligence crime investigation unit in Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in Jungnang-gu, Seoul.

Yang Hyun-suk, who appeared in a neat hairstyle and suit instead of his usual hat, stood in front of the reporters waiting for her. He said before he went to the police station that he would “since the investigation.”

When the reporter asked about the suspicion of illusion, he repeated the words, “The police will explain the facts in detail.” But questions about the allegations of prostitution were silent.

There are two main charges currently applied to YANG HYUN SUK. YANG HYUN SUK has been suspected of having sex entertainment with foreign investors in 2014. Yang Hyun-suk was investigated by the police as a reference for June. YANG HYUN SUK, who has since been converted to suspect status, is under investigation for today (29th).

At the same time, he is suspected of violating gambling and foreign currency trading laws. He has been to the Hotel Casino VIP Room in Las Vegas 11 times, spending more than 1 billion won and losing about 600 million won. In the process, the police believe that Yang Hyun-seok raised the gambling fund by using the so-called ‘hwanki’ technique. In particular, the police seized and searched the YG Entertainment headquarters in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 17th to secure relevant data such as deposit and withdrawal details.

Police will also investigate whether Yang spent his money in gambling. If allegations are found, we will add embezzlement charges against Yang.

On the 28th, Victory was investigated by police for alleged violations of the habit of gambling and foreign exchange transactions such as Yang Hyun-suk. Victory admitted some gambling charges after 12 hours of police investigation, but denied the allegations of ‘hwant’.

At the police investigation, Yang Hyun-suk, who will explain the facts in detail, is focused on what position he will take.

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