YG said Yang Hyun-suk concentrated on the center of gravity centering on the production of all the contents such as finding and training of trainees, music and video.

YG was nothing short of a gigantic one-person organization that moves into a system that ultimately confirms the decision-making process and content presentation order.

That’s why the voices of Yang Hyun-seok were high every time the singers of the band, who were the members of the Big Bang in the early years of this year,

Yang Hyun-suk’s resignation may affect the content production line of YG singers right now.

Currently, YG is focusing on singers such as Boy Group Winner and Icon, which is a growth engine in addition to group Black Pink, which makes great achievements abroad.

Black Pink, which is on a world tour, is scheduled to perform in three cities in Japan at the end of the year, after touring North America and Europe.

The icon, which Biey withdrew because of suspicion of buying drugs, will be on a 6-person Japan tour from July. Winner, who released his new album last month, is scheduled to perform a ‘Private Stage’ at the Jangchung Gymnasium on the 29th.

Also, there are a lot of new plans such as the Eunjyuk solo album by Jekeskis, and the album by Lee Chan Hyuk,

However, Big Bang members are in the service of the military, and there are actors such as Cha Seung Won and Kang Dong Won, but Yang Hyun Suk did not participate actively in the actor part.

A songwriter said, “Right now, it may affect the release of singers’ albums. I also saw that there is a feeling that there is a sense of ambiguity about concentrating on maintaining internal organization while resigning to his brother Yang Min-seok.”

However, most industry observers are skeptical about Yang Hyun-suk’s separation from YG management and predicted there would be no real hurt.

Yang Hyun Suk, the founder of YG, is the largest shareholder and the official official title is the representative producer.

According to the May YG quarterly report, Yang Hyun-seok holds 3151,188 shares (16.12%) of ordinary shares, and the names are not listed on the list of executives in the report.

Because of the entertainment nature, the representative producer can lead the production of contents such as singer singing, management, and music, so Yang Hyun Suk can have a great influence without his title.

Another representative of the agency said, “Just as Joon Hyun-min, who had been dismissed as a water-cup player, recently returned to management, it seems to be in accordance with the coping manuals of large companies.” As a representative producer, Even Yang Hyun-seok is the largest shareholder, so it is easier for him to act. “

One of the records promoter of the company said, “Looking at the YG reputation of a job search site, there were articles saying, ‘Why do you need hundreds of employees while you are alone?'” The current executives are also composed of Yang Hyun- It will go directly or indirectly. “

On the same day, Yang Min-suk, his brother, resigned as CEO. Yang Min-seok had 647,910 shares (3.31%) of YG common stock.

However, even in the brother ‘s decision, the netizens responded with a cold reaction, saying that they were’ blindfolded and aung ‘

In addition, the voices of the investigating authorities should be thoroughly investigated by Yang Hyun-suk, who has been in the meantime, to investigate allegations about the involvement of Southeast Asian talent,

Future police investigations surrounding these suspicions are likely to be a factor in determining the future of YG and Yang Hyun Suk.

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