Songgreen presented a stage reminiscent of a fan meeting.

MBC “My Little TV V2” was broadcasted on the 31st, and the stories of Hawaii Life of Yanoshiho, the debut of the soccer commentator of Kangbujia, the old live of Kimgu, and the story of Marithel Pharmacy of Kurt were published.

In Kim Guura’s ‘Old Live’, ‘Troll Goddess Songgain’ appeared and sang Joo Hyunmi’s song. She turned the scene into a crucible of craze with a premium honey voice. After the baptism of gifts and the baptism of donations, Songgahn was seen as a fan meeting.

Songyin, who occupied ‘My Little TV song classroom’, showed trotted medley and showed the popularity of generation over 20 generations to over 60 generations.

On this day, Singhin mentioned his growing popularity. Song-in, a native of Jindo, was amazed when he said that he had visited many people at the time he visited Jindo and sang songs. In addition, my parents said, “I like how I feel like flying.”

Yano Shiho presented the Hawaiian style chopped crab. In the meantime, Lee loves to play with an interpreter and show off Hawaiian dances.

Love has tasted the mackerel ‘s mackerel’ s mackerel and made ASMR even more appealing to viewers’ appetites. Finally, from the fruit of papaya and mango to Hawaiian dessert, we finished the food of the day.

In addition, Yano Shiho broadcasted on the Hawaiian beach where her daughter loved Chu and sunshine.

Yano Shiho has unveiled a top-of-the-line pose for Hawaiian lifestyle shots ahead of surf yoga. Yano Shiho took a position to lift one hip with a pose that could be seen in a long leg, and generously released a honey tip that could deliver life shots. At this time, Chu Love was constantly joking around, and he emanated Kimi, a real mother.

Yano Shiho, who posed for a long time in the disturbance of Chu’s love, took pictures with the staff and filmed “Maritel Hawaii”. She showed in a passionate attitude how to get a full body picture in the background of the beach, a pose that can be taken on a surfboard, and a pose that three people can take.

“Hunan pharmacist Yu Tuber” Kurt was taken seriously as a female sniper by an instant drug counseling and prescription medicine.

Kurt responded to people who came to the pharmacy in a friendly and sincere manner. Listening to the warmth of his appearance, his smile did not leave a smile on the visitors’ faces.

Kurt, then, gave a professional force, kindly explaining the ingredients and correct effects of one of the medicines that many people take. He recommends anti-inflammatory drugs to visitors who complain of headache, “There is no tolerance or dependence on the analgesic itself, it is not a problem if you eat properly,” he said.

But Kurt said, “You have to bother a lot of pharmacists,” he said.

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