Yeosu Dream Hill climbing mall showed the end of growing pains even at the end of shooting. I decided to see if I could worry about the time left. After a week of observation, shooting began again. Kim Sung-joo said, “Today is an important day.”

I observed a dumplings house that had to go into actual business as much as possible. It was noticed whether it could be reborn as a professional dumplings house because it had to do it alone. 

I decided to try authentic buns. It was a chance to see the results made steadily and hard. Baek Jong-won carefully looked at the president of the dumplings since he made dumplings. Fortunately, the boss was skillful when compared to the first from his hands. Baek Jong-won, “I practiced, I increased a lot,” complimented me with delightful hands. 

Baek Jong-won went through a solution that had not been planned before, and went directly into the kitchen to recreate the ingredients. This led to the completion of a joint work by the president ‘s min – dum dope and Baek Jong – won’ s moist dumpling. 

Next, I moved to the Dongas house. After endless efforts, I tasted ‘Samchi and Chips’ with tall gas. I added a special sauce. Baek Jong-won tasted a week’s worth of food, and Baek Jong-won said, “It sure tasted good.” The price was cheap enough to boast reasonable rumble. 

Next I went to the octopus. It was the president who wanted to make an octopus specialty store. Again, the new menu was completed and Baek Jong-won tasted. However, I made a casual look from the price.

Baek Jong-won sucked the broth and asked, “Is this the flavor I want?” There was no taste. I had been working for a week, but it was rather unfortunate that I would be better off. Lost identity of taste in repeated troubles. 

Baek Jong-won said, “The real thing is not a matter of taste.” If the taste distribution of a person is rhombus, the president can understand only a small number of people, and he told his general philosophy of pursuing a general and popular taste. 

Asked if Baek Jong-won had a close relationship with the octopus, the president reported his history of winning the Encouragement Prize at the Yeoju Seafood Festival. So I dreamed I was an octopus craftsman. Baek Jong-won said, “I can not give up the octopus, I feel sympathy, even if the price is not accessible to ramen,” he said, “It’s better than a octopus rather than an octopus seafood dish,” he said. 

A Burger house dreaming of a reversal was drawn. Baek Jong-won was reunited with Berger’s house a week later, and his first assignment, Dongsun, was changed. After passing the unit price, Patty also said that he would stick to pepper and salt in the refrigerator period. Next, he said he studied a freshly pickled Yeosu type burger as a simple burger, a task the boss made himself. 

Baek Jong Won was very pleased with Yeosu’s freshly pickled sauce, which was studied by his boss. Baek Jong-won said, “I am saved by searching”, and the president smiled with a smile of joy. I caught all of the price, taste, and traits, and Paek Jong-won was applauded as “good.” I was very supportive about the freshness of Yeosu ‘s personality. 

I went back to the dream house, a dream school. Baek Jong-won tasted the mustard pasta, but the purpose of making the flavor was good, but the  
distinctiveness of the crispness disappeared. Baek Jong-won praised the scholarship customized solution to change, saying, “I will not worry about the business tomorrow,” and a collection of honorary students who are honorary students of honorific name. 

When we were all busy and practicing, the skewer was noticed. The president of the skewer resumed work from the basics for a week and showed a study of hard work. The president of the skewish house contacted the production team and said, “Can you try something you want to do?” He wanted to make a ribs sauce with his own characteristics.

At this time, Kim Sung-ju visited the skewer house. Kim Sung-joo was worried about the president of the skewer house, and gave his sincere advice to the dying president as a senior in life. Kim Sung-joo, “Let’s face it,” cheering, the future of the skewers will notice what changes. 

Baek Jong – won visited the octopus again. The president chose the end of the octopus seafood pot by the end menu, and he chose his beliefs rather than the advice of Baek Jong-won, who emphasized popularity. . It was because he could not touch his personality. 

As a result, Octopus has given up on the solution, and Oroti has left the rest. The president showed a crisis because he could not set a menu on the last day of the business. 

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