MC Kim Sung-joo is the day becomes cheesy year after introduction, opened two months the dream tteurak Mall Mall Mall Yeosu young youth had had a closed one after another in just four months. After all, the rest of the 6 restaurants decided to participate in the event. Baek Jong-won went to the shops where he had a holiday and looked for hygiene without anybody else. 

First, I checked the house of Takoyaki, but immediately the dish became black. Baek Jong-won was impatient as he shouted, “I’m sick and dirty.” Finally, “Open the refrigerator smells scared,” he said from the outside of the refrigerator that “no person interested in the management.” 

Actually, Mr. Takoyaki was the president of the company. The president, who had been studying at Suncheon for less than a year, was surprised to learn that he had learned seven times. Finally, Baek Jong-won noted that he would use an order, an unsealed crest. Fortunately, I used a sealed family language. But, with drill, it suddenly started making dough. “This is a way to get rid of the dough,” said Baek Jong-won, who said, “It is not possible to do it.” But the problem is that you are scratching the plastic floor. Baek Jong-won was sadly saying, “I’m going crazy.” 

Baek Jong-won tasted Takoyaki, saying, “There is nothing special.” The president also complained, “It gets harder as I go.” 

Next was the Burger House. Baek Jong-won, the company’s sanity check while the president was absent, attracted attention as a stack of materials like a franchise refrigerator. The boss started cooking hamburgers, and he quickly made burgers.

Baek Jong – won tasted the burger of President Won – Deok. Baek Jong-won said, “Roast meat burgers seem to have tasted a bitter taste of bulgogi,” and the president said, “Yes,” he said, “I made homemade burgers by myself.” I did not learn homemade burger cooking because I worked part of the management and operation for six years. Paik Jong-won, “Patti worry, Patty should not freeze,” he advised. 

The other beef burgers, “Completely high,” he praises, but I dare to go down to Yeosu said that there is no feature to eat homemade burgers. The president also said, “I wanted to put Yeosu specialty products in the market. “I have to sell three on weekdays, and I have about ten thousand sales,” he said. “I was hungry for night work and a night job for my wife who was in charge of childcare. 

Next, I checked the skewer house. The condition of the kitchen was generally not used well and was neat. However, Baek Jong-won finds something, and he says, “Here, the character of the boss is unusual.” Baek Jong-won said, “I can see the traces of preparation for shooting,” but at first glance it looks clean, but I find a bunch of spices in the skewers that I often use, and I say, “I do not really care for the store.” 

We then looked into the state of kitchen maintenance. Paek Jong-won was angry that he saw a mold trash can and “his mental state was rotten.”

In addition, even a simple ‘Sookdo rice cake’ discovers a ready-made product that puts on rice cake and sausage, and Baek Jong-won frowns when he says, “I understand if it is a restaurant with many menus, but it is a specialty store.” Then I found the skewered skewers and chicken skewers that had dried up because I had kept the lid open, and I was surprised that “I think the world is too easy.” It was packed with ready-made chicken skewers that were not sealed. It was dried and discolored. 

Baek Jong-won said, “It is not a courtesy about food, but it is not a basic person.” Baek Jong-won found that even the large-capacity ready-to-use sources had to be ready-made, but the management should have done well. 
In the meantime, “the facilities, the food management, too, is going to cheat people come to shoot, this is not to cheat you too, you should not show such a house,” he yelled. Baek Jong-won pointed out the skewered house that had been cleaned only for the part that said “this is not good, not worth the treatment”, saying, “Do not compare with the Takoyaki house  
, Another thing happened when I called the boss. 

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