If the contents of the public interest report are passed to the investigating authorities and it is finally revealed, the representative of Yang Hyun Suk, located at the top of the case, may be punished with criminal punishment.

Of course, both representatives on the 14th have raised a lot of suspicions about the recent allegations, saying that the limitations of patience, and that YG Entertainment is going to step down from all positions, .

Therefore, it is important that the primary screen work of the Commission on the Rights of the People, which has received the notice of public interest, In the case of public interest infringement, a case will be passed to the prosecution or the police for further investigation.

Based on the declaration of public interest, we can reconstruct the ‘Bi A Kim Han Bin drug related case’.

A, who was arrested in the Dongbu Police Station in Gyeonggi Province on August 21, 1986, was arrested on suspicion of smuggling cannabis in August 2016. During the first and second investigations, I got it.

However, Mr. A said in the third investigation, “I have talked about buying drugs, but I did not deliver drugs to Kim.” So the police decided that Mr. Kim was not able to prove the drug purchase suspicion. The case was handed over to the prosecution.

However, about three years later, sudden reversal occurs. Mr. A insisted that both representatives intervened during the police investigation process.

In a press interview on June 13, Park Jung-hyun, a lawyer who filed for public interest on behalf of Mr. A, was called to the YG office after he stated his suspicion of buying drugs (Mr. A) I will not be punished, and I will do enough cases. Go to the police and put pressure on me. “

The lawyer added, “At that time, both representatives said, ‘We can prevent the drug from being detected in the body by using any method,’ and ‘It is not difficult for me to give a disadvantage to a child like you.'”

If Mr. A’s assertion is confirmed by the investigating authorities as true, he may be subject to the criminal offense offense of Article 151 of the Criminal Code.

Fleeing is a crime to hide and escape a person who committed a crime equivalent to a penalty or more. And a fine of 3 years or less or 5 million won for violation.

A prosecution official said, “The criminal escort teacher is applied when a third party makes an attempt to destroy the evidence or to make false statements such as making false statements.” Even if there is no evidence of transcripts, If the person’s statement is credible, it can be punished. “

“If Mr. A’s declaration is true, this case is a typical criminal escape teacher case,” said Lawyer Chang Min-ho, a lawyer of the law firm. “However, Mr. A is likely to be punished for the escape of the criminal depending on the situation.”

The Gyeonggi Province South Police Agency said on July 14 that it will investigate Kim’s suspicions of buying drugs, as well as YG’s external pressure and police allegations.

A police official said, “Although the National People’s Rights Commission will determine the citing agency through self-investigation of public interest reports, we have communicated our opinion that we will investigate as thoroughly as we are investigating Kim’s case.” If necessary, It is possible to investigate, “he said.

Both representatives expressed their intention to resign from all posts of YG on the day of the allegations and police willingness to investigate.

He said on YG’s homepage, “I have endured patience with the current situation in which shameful and disgraceful words are spoken indifferently, but it is harder to put in my mouth.” ” I believe that all truths will be revealed through future research. “

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