MBC entertainment program “Radio Star” broadcasted on November 11 featured ‘Here is my area, yeah ~’ featured in the field of each of the fields in the field to keep the No. 1 Esther, Chen, MC Ding Dong appeared.

On that day, MC Ding Dong turned back the difficult times of living in the past. He did a great revenge that he had confirmed when he had lost his raglann in the joint refrigerator at the time. He smashed some of the side dishes, rubbed rice, and found that he had almost gotten to the police station after getting rid of him, making everyone laugh.

On that day, MC Ding Dong laughed at the radio star that he had appeared five times only in subtitles. MC Ding Dong, who is busy with various events, said, “In the early days, I earned only 600,000 won with annual salary. I met an expert and asked what amount of income I earned at the current salary, and it was 0.5%.

MC Ding Dong then told me about the secret that can lead the audience. He said, “In the case of a university event, I go to the school for a tour in advance.” Sangmyung University is a hill, so students ride a 6-1 village bus. “He said.

On the other hand, MC Ding Dong told the story that he became interested in car tuning option. He said, “When I bought a miniature car and bought it, I got stuck, so I decided to decorate my car.”

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