Comedian Yoo Min-sang and Kim Min-kyung aroused listeners’ curiosity with a strange pink atmosphere.

Yoo Min-sang and Kim Min-kyung appeared as guest guests on KBS Cool FM’s Yoon Jung-su and Nam Chang-hee’s Mr. Radio, which aired on October 8.

Yoo Min-sang and Kim Min-kyung drew a line on the possibility of their relationship. Kim Min-kyung said, “I think it’s love to match each other even if they have different tastes. But it’s not Yoo Min-sang.” Yoo Min-sang said, “Kim Min-kyung is so weird. He or I or dog-dog dog keeps trying to teach me love.” Yoo Min-sang added, “Don’t say that we both go well together. Don’t say it’s someone else’s life. I’m hit by an easily thrown stone.”

Yoo Min-sang and Kim Min-kyung unveiled the story of the comedy TV ‘Delicious Guys’ shooting. Yoo Min-sang said, “When I photograph ‘Delicious Guys’, I express honestly when it comes to tasteless foods. And gave up. ” “I’ve often gotten to eat for the staff after shooting ‘delicious guys.’

Yoo Min-sang and Kim Min-kyung praised each other, creating a strange pink atmosphere. Kim Min-kyung praised, “In fact, Yu Min-sang is very popular among women. Yoo Min-sang said, “Kim Min-kyung’s nickname ‘Min Kyung-kyung’ is actually very feminine. That part is attractive.” Kim Min-kyung expressed his concern, “I want to have a virtual relationship. But I’m worried. I’m worried about falling out.”

Kim Min-kyung has three mobile phones, a gag woman, Park So-young, and a chicken. Kim Min-kyung added, “Park So-young is very talkative. So I think it will be fun. And I will eat chicken eggs.” Kim Min-kyung was angry and broke a xylophone bar when a listener texted “You Min-sang”. Yoo Min-sang said, “Actually, Kim Min-kyung loves eggs. He eats a plate without a drink. It takes only 30 seconds to eat 5 tablets. It only takes 1.5 seconds to peel.”

Yoo Min-sang and Kim Min-kyung replied sensibly, ‘Delicious guys are currently in the unit’. Yoo Min-sang said, “I think there’s an end to everything. Didn’t the ‘everything diary’ be over?” Kim Min-kyung said, “I want to do it until I get married.” Yoo Min Sang teased me “I can do it forever.”

Yoo Min Sang recently recommended Sinsa-dong’s spicy chops as the most delicious dish. Kim Min-kyung suggested bean noodles. Yoo Min-sang and Kim Min-kyung declared the end of the broadcast, “If you call me, I’ll come out again. 

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