SBS entertainment program ‘full-fledged entertainment night’ (hereinafter ‘midnight’), which aired on the 15th night, dealt with jindam’s smartphone hacking damage.

Recently, Jin Jinmo suffered a smartphone hack. The hacker threatened to spread the messenger contents and asked Jo Jin Mo for money, and on the Internet, a picture entitled Joo Jin Mo talked with a fellow actor was posted. According to a number of media, Joo Jin-mo in her texts shared some of the women’s photographs with her fellow actors and shared the talkative discourse.

Many netizens even raised concerns about whether it would be the second Chung Joon-young Dantokbang incident. But lawyer Chung Tae-keun said, “Although I was able to ask about Jeong Jun-young’s dantokbang for allegedly photographing another’s body part without consent, there was no legal penalty in Ju Jin-mo’s dialog.”

Yoo Young-seok, a lawyer on behalf of Ju Jin-mo, said, Is there. “

Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said, “We are investigating smartphone hacking and intimidation incidents of some celebrities including Joo Jin-mo.”

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