YB appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U ‘Novelty Hope is Kim Shin-young,’ which aired on October 22.

Park Tae-hee explained the reason for writing ‘I like the constant range.’ Park Tae-hee said, “Our practice room is between Sangsu station and Hapjeong station.

Yoon Do-hyun expressed envy to Park Tae-hee, who wrote ‘I’m a Butterfly’ and ‘I like the constant range.’ Yoon Do-hyun said, “Park Tae-hee does not write a lot of songs. But every song written becomes a title song. I feel jealous.” Kim Shin-young praised YB for “I think it is the Sting of Korea.”

YB released the 10th regular album ‘Twilight State’ on the 10th.

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