Originally cast in the role of ‘Lee Hyo-bong’ Oh Seung-yun was caught in the controversy and vacancies, and in the process Yun Ji-on hastily joined. Like this, ‘Mello constitution’ was retaken and met viewers two weeks later than when it was originally broadcast.

The joining process was not so smooth, but the images of Hyo-bong depicted in the drama were literally Yun Ji-on and Chaul-teok. It melted into the scene without discomfort, and Hyobong naturally caught the viewer’s attention even in the drama. He also had a cautious attitude in playing sexual minorities. Rather, he tried to portray a sexual minority without any particularity, giving him a glimpse of his open thinking, which is not imprisoned.

Yoon Ji-on, who met with News1 on the 4th day of the recent “ Mello’s constitution ”, still grimaces when he talks about Hyobong’s story. The meaning was to approach the character with a different sympathy and understanding. He wanted to be an actor for himself, but he did not neglect to communicate with the world at any moment.

Next is Yun Ji-on and Q & A.

The casting process was decided in a hurry. The process of preparing the work was very tight, but how did you try to create a role?

▶ I usually communicate with the director a lot, but this time was not enough. So I could not talk much. The first thing I thought I should do is because I live with my sisters, so I thought it best to get along with my sisters.

-There was a lot of acclaim for the drama, but the ratings were unfortunately low. It’s too bad.

▶ The idea that I want more people to watch because it’s a good drama was not only for me but everyone who participated in ‘Mello’s constitution, but it was according to the director’s’ sexy 2%’. In any case, TV viewing rate aggregation is limited. These days, there are not many platforms for watching dramas, so I don’t think it should be judged by ratings. Some people are watching again. Personally, I don’t think it’s just 2%, but if you say 2% anyway, it’s good to be sexy.

-‘Hyo-bong’ is a sexual minority character, so it seems that the approach to the character itself has been careful.

▶ When I received the script that Hyobong was a sexual minority, I had no idea. The director first told me not to worry about the character being a sexual minority. He told me not to put that special meaning because it is a special narrative, and because it is a change.

-Still, the prejudice of sexual minorities is included in the drama. In particular, the scene where a woman is driven out with Moon Soo (Chun Shin-hwan) is a typical example.

▶ I was really crying when I took the scene you mentioned, but the character named Hyo-bong wasn’t showing his emotions. It was difficult to put up with the (heart) frowning to take a scene of being kicked out and talking with Moonsu while walking.

-It contains such a serious story, but ‘Mello is constitution’ is basically a comic drama. What kind of scene was really funny?

▶ ‘Soundless shouts’ at the end of part 15 was really funny. It was a scene where the bread broke even after seeing the script. Even when I was guessing at the scene, I laughed constantly and my God of fire was really funny. It would have been better if these scenes were included in the making film, but I was sorry that the director did not come.

-I think it was a special experience that the atmosphere was very good.

▶ I think I’m lucky on that side. The previous filming room of ‘Eunju’s room’ was also very good. This scene also made fun of the director and brightened the atmosphere. do. I don’t know what other people like ‘Eunju’s room’ or ‘Mello’s constitution,’ but I only seemed to be in such a field.

-How did you get along with Jeon Yeo-bin who appeared in Cheon Woo-hee?

▶ Woo-hee’s sister met in 10 years. Originally, I was a senior at school, so when I was first grade, Woo- hee was in fourth grade. So I met you with a bit of anti-joke at the meeting where you saw this work. In the future, if you want to share this drama, you have to be friendly at the same house, so let’s put it on. ‘ Yeobin’s older sister often asked her best regards, and she had a lot of conversations since she had known her before.

-If you have the same melodious melodies in the melodious melodies in the melodies whose melodies.

▶ I think the melodies of the director (for Jeong Seung-gil) and the artist (for Baek Ji-won) were the best. I actually didn’t have a face to face with them, so I didn’t know much about them and met at the dinner. Two melodies flowed from me in different parts, so I could see it as a child or nephew looking at their love. I thought that getting old is so good.

-If you have any words you want to leave to Hyobong, who should be leaving now.

Hyobong actually looks strong and strong, but he hides all the pain and suffers from the inside. I’m not good at expressing myself and I think I’m a kid who looks like me. If you have a hard time, don’t stand alone, and sometimes you want to tell your neighbors that it’s okay. I’ll try to do that and I want to talk about growing up.

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