Yoon Ji-on is a musical deity who first debuted as a musical. He played an active part through the films ‘Malignant Police’ and ‘With God’, and showed dramas to viewers in many dramas, including the drama ‘Eunju’s Room’, ‘Mr. Sean Shine’ and ‘Best Oriental Medicine’. Recently, JTBC’s “ Mellow constitution ” (Lee Byung-Hun Kim Young-young and Lee Byung-Hun Kim Hye-young) was replaced by Oh Seung-yun, who had stopped in the play on charges of drunk driving. The figure received. In particular, Yoon Ji-on was unanimously “ picked ” during the discussion of the crew before joining Melo. The faith in him was rewarded in front of the viewers.

Yoon Ji-eon’s ‘Melga Constitution’ is a film that captures the worries, romance, and daily lives of thirty-year-old girlfriends as director Lee Byung-hun’s ‘talking blockbuster’. From the start to the end of the year, the audience rating of 1% (Nielsen Korea, paid furniture, nationwide standards), but the topic never fell, the actors such as Ahn Jae-hong and Ahn, including Chun Woo-hee, Jeon Yeo-bin and Han Ji-eun, stood out. . In addition, Yun Ji-yeon was loved by his viewers by faithfully acting as a filial piety of ‘young brother who wants to have’. Hyo-bong, played by Yoon Ji-on, is a friendly producer. He listens to his sisters’ troubles, and he is a younger brother who melts well even at the gathering of his girlfriends. This adds to the setting of sexual minorities, and deep empathy was obtained.

Yoon Ji-on recently conducted a “ Melga Constitution ” interview at the sports Chosun office located in Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. From last year to this year, Yoon Ji-on made a series of appearances on the viewers of Eun Ju’s room and Melo’s constitution. In the drama “ Eunju’s Room ”, which is about self interior and life, she played the role of Yang Jae-hyun, a student of the Department of Design at Korea Univ. He wanted to have his younger brother, Hyo-bong, and was well received by viewers.

In particular, this year, it was more meaningful because they changed their acting style and worked on their works. “I watch American dramas, and the actors have a free style of acting. They had a lot of gestures, facial expressions, and dynamic acting, and there was a code that people could ‘learn” and laugh. I heard that, and I changed it too, and it was amazing that Melo passed the constitution. “The trend is changing too.”

It is also recent that Yoon Ji-on changed the color of smoke. Explain that smoke in ‘Silver’s room’ and ‘Smell of melodies’ are definitely different. He said, “It was a lot different from the acting part. Since I had to play the role of a university student in ‘Eunju’s room’, I wasn’t worried about ‘Mello’s constitution’ if I was worried about how to look younger. “I live in a house and sometimes give me advice like my older brother, and I don’t show up like that. So I thought I shouldn’t try to keep my age low and try to look young.”

Yun Ji-on has two benefactors. Two of them are PD Lee Jae-hyun, who selected himself as the lead actor of Eun-ju’s room, and Lee Byung-hun, who brought Melo together. Yoon Ji-on said, “Everyone has something in common. It’s not just like a genius, but they’re both geniuses.” Director So Jae-hyun was as friendly as his brother. “Before the shot, I explained the situation well enough for me to talk to the director. It creates an environment where the actor can express the character well. Director Jae-hyun is an icon of consideration and communication.”

“Director Lee Byung-hun is a reverse. If director Jae-hyun Lee is an icon of encouragement and communication, director Lee Byung-hun is a person who is anti-war,” he said. “It’s easy to understand and clear at times, so I understand it at once and let me express it well. I’m looking forward to seeing you both. Synergy will happen and you’ll see something you haven’t seen.”

As she changed her acting style freely, she said she wanted to try more. Yoon Ji-on said, “I have never done more than I tried. I want to try more. I want to play a psychopathic villain like Hannibal, and I want to challenge the thriller genre.” The culprit’s role is coveted. It’s nice to continue to play a good role, but there’s a spectrum of acting, and I want to challenge a variety of acting. “

Melo Sieving is a turning point for Yoon Ji-on. “I was able to have a lot of experience in a short time through this drama. I had this experience, and I felt confident that some would never do it again. This time I sang OST and camedy for the first time. I also heard that when I was young, ‘The end of acting is comedy’, I think it’s the hardest acting to make people laugh.

Yoon Ji-on is attracting attention as “ Mello is constitution ” and now rests and reviews the next work.

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