Kwon Jin-young, a gag woman, said she is thinking of a frozen embryo, saying that the baby is not going to happen.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Sangmyonmong 2 – You are my destiny’ (hereafter called ‘Sangmyonmong 2’), which was broadcasted on the 27th night, Mbey’s best friend Kwon Jin-

On this day, Mabe went to the front of Kwon Jin-young’s neighborhood. It is Mabe who reveals the excitement mind that it is the first to go out alone after marriage.

Among them, Kwon Jin-young told Mabi, “I am respectful when I grow up kids.” Then he confessed, “I do not have a baby.

Then Mabey said, “I really have to leave my mind and the baby will come.

Kwon said, “I want to try frozen embryos,” and Mabee said, “There are people who have succeeded in freezing embryos around me. It is important to be free from stress.”

Kwon Jin-young envied Mabe who raised three babies, saying, “You are blessed.”

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