Hong Ko Eun ♥ Shin Youngsoo and two nephews went out to visit the folk village. In addition, HGO boasted the aspect of child care. The two people said goodbye to the viewer for a moment.

On the afternoon of the 28th, SBS entertainment program “Dongmyo-imong 2-You are my destiny”, the last figure of Hwang Eun-♥ Shin Youngsoo was drawn.

On this day, HGO’s nephews wanted to wear hanbok. Then he headed for a folk village, a course prepared by Shin Youngsoo. This is because I wanted to inform my nephews from the United States of Korean culture.

Hyego-eun ♥ Shin Young-soo arrived at the folk village, nephews were embarrassed. It was because of the emergence of a wildebeest, a flower of a folk village. His nephews were surprised and unable to speak. Since then, they have returned home in the evening. Hwang Eun ♥ Shin Youngsoo started to make buns for his nephew. But trials have come to them. My nephew who had a vegetable dish called out to eat.

Hangeo was proud of the aspect of child care and nephews who eat a vegetable eatery was eaten. After finishing the meal, HGO had time to read the book to his nephews. Then the nephews left for Sri Lanka. Hwang Eun ♥ Shin Youngsoo and the couple lasted for a while on the broadcast. Hangeo said, “I was so grateful to me and it was precious moments. I was happy every time I said” I got married. “Thank you for loving me.

Meanwhile, singer Alex scrambled to become a special MC. “I seem to have quieted the proposal,” he said. “I want to get married, I want to do with you, what do you think about it,” he said, asking for a week’s time.

Alex said he had a celebration on the wedding day. He said, “I had thought that I had to do it. I called the number of the musical laundry” It was so pretty. ” Alex seemed to be embarrassed in the song request of Hgo Eun, but he was attracted by his sweet voice.

Ahn Hyun-mo ♥ The Raimers confessed to different food tastes. Ahn Hyun-mo tried to put a week-old Buk-guk on the table. Reimer rejected it, and boiled the tuna seaweed soup which he likes.

Ahn Hyun-mo said, “When I talk about my favorite food, I did not say that my taste was the same.” I said, “Since I eat soup every day, I used to have high fives saying that it is the same to me. did. He asked, “How did you do that?” Reimer said, “Is not it a man’s duty to get that person’s heart?”

Sohyeon told her 2 year old sister that she introduced her husband. He said, “I was really confused with my mother. I met him because of me.” Soi-hyun’s brother said, “I still remember. When my husband came home, my dad said, ‘What is this?’

The humanist asked, “How did you feel when you said that your sister-in-law suddenly got married?” Soo Hyun’s father said, “What are you going to do about your daughter? I can not stop it, you can not stop it. The humanist could not speak and bowed his head. Then he said, “I will tell him to step on me.” He laughed.

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