In the TVN drama ‘Seung-ae Seo 17’, which was broadcasted on the 8th, ‘Lamirang and Lee Young-ae (Kim Hyun-sook)

After the overturning incident, Paradise President Lee Seok-seok hated Lee Young-ae, who caught a lot of trouble. Meanwhile, a relief pitcher appeared to Lee Young-ae. Lee Young-ae’s mother Kim Jung-ha visited Paradise Company as a guest.

Kim Jong – ha left Paradise to work on a bazaar to help children in need. “If I do this well this time, I can surrender all the ceremonies in the temple,” and added to the surprise of everyone. Lee Seok – seok showed a smile and changed attitude, and said to Lee Young – ae, “This leader should focus on the bazaar.”

However, Lee Young – ae did not know the term and suffered a hard time. Lamirlan, who was watching from the side, began to speak the term jargon and said to the informant, “I went to the temple along my mother-in-law.” So, Irisok joined Lamirang with the Bazaar team.

After that, Lamiran was silently ignoring Lee Young-ae who did not know the term. Lee Young-ae had a sad feeling, and after hearing that Ramiran was not working and meeting his son, he went looking for Ramiran.

Lee Young – ae lied to Lamiran and was angry that he had come to see his son, and eventually they fought a struggle. Since then, Lee Seung-soo shouted to Lee Young-ae and Lamirang who did not work properly. When I said, “Is not there a husband who will feed you?” Ramiran confessed, “I have no husband to feed, I have divorced.”

Lee Young-ae, who got to know it, expressed his sorryness to Lamirang. Lamyran told Lee Young-ae, “Why is it so hard to live?”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung – jun (Lee Seung – jun) has provided meals for the company ‘s long – time dealers and information stakeholders. Kim Hyeok-gyu (Goseiwon) said, “Why do you help me with information?” Lee Seungjun surprised and thought, “Maybe it is because of the fact that I caught myself at that time.”

However, Lee Young Ae heard about the case of Gamjae, and Lee Seungjun said, “I did not know such a thing and said that it helped.” Since then, Lee Seungjun earned a vengeful revenge in a nervous warfare.

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