On the 22nd TVN series, “Young Ae Seo 17,” a film about Lee Seung-jun (Lee Seung-joon), who took childcare leave and declared a child care daddy, was portrayed.

On that day, Lee Seung-jun (Lee Seung-jun) climbed up from Gangwon-do and took a paternity leave and declared that he would raise a child. “I wanted to have nothing more important than my family, so I came to the company with parental leave,” he said.

So joy of re-employment for a while, Lee Young-ae (Kim Hyun-sook) has come to the declaration of parental leave. Young Ae said, “I have to earn a penny more, but what about paternity leave? I will see how well I see the child.” As Seung Joon came up, Young Ae had left his warm home and moved to the rooftop house of Lee Gyu-han.

Young Ae and Sung Jun played a real role change. Young Ae began to work, and Sung Jun started child care. Seung Joon was struggling with childcare while Young Ae was leaving for the first time in her life.

Young-ae also struggled in the company. The information seat (information seat) caught in weakness for Young Ae was frightened to catch the weakness of Young Ae. I was nervous to intervene in my affairs, and they fought against each other.

The jewel threw a mission impossible for Young Ae. He ordered five towels to be made in one day. The jewel declared, “Do not even think about appearing in front of me without five towels” and disappeared. YoungAe was angry, “I’m going crazy.” In the end, she leaned on her feet and buried her in the nighttime, and she succeeded in shooting 5,000 towels a day, and the jewelry was embarrassed.

Unexpectedly, Joo-jun, who had to be single-minded, made it difficult. In order to get a little wind, I attended the rest of Paradise employees while holding a child. Ahn Young-ae said, “I can not even see one of the children properly. I went from Gangwon-do to the living and the child-raising.

On the other hand, Seungjun, who had been feeding the child to Ssamjang, panicked because he thought that the child was shrinking the poo. However, this was because the nose blew nipple to the child’s diaper. Young-ae, who saw Seung-jun’s hard work, said, “I did not know that it was so difficult for me to get a nosebleed, I’m sorry.

However, at that time, Young Ae, who ate snacks with his staff, was in a bad mood. The jewel was angry, and Seung Jun, who saw it, got angry that he did not know that the gem was the new president of Paradise, and caught it. Seung Joon and the gem began to falter from the first meeting.

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