Even for experienced people, ‘Your voice can be seen 6’ was not easy. At the end of the difficulty of the yellow teeth and Lee Bin.

On the 18th, Mnet · tvN ‘You can see your voice 6’ (‘You’re Mine 6’), which was first broadcast on the 18th.

On this day, Lee Sun Bin said, “I am much more shaken than when I came out as a mystery singer.” So MC Kim Jong Kook said, “Do not tremble. I was there, “Lee Sun Bin said,” I believe. ” Kim Jong Kook laughed and confessed, “I received a letter from the morning.” At this time, CG of Lee Kwang Su appeared on the shoulder of Kim Jong Kook, and he guessed that the main character who sent the text was Lee Kwang Su. In an indirect reference to Lee Kwang-soo, Lee sunbun smiled shyly.

In the first stage, Hwangchi Yeol and Lee Sun Bin selected Singer No. 1, Lim Ji-hyun. Lim Ji-hyun has attracted a great deal of attention from early on with mimo that resembles Lim Soo Jung. Hwang Geol-ri “may be the only person playing. Believe only in my brother. “

However, Lim Ji Hyun was a talent, not a sound. He boasted his outstanding talent with a unique and clear tone. Lim Ji-hyun has been working as an actress since 2015 as a music video director. She appeared in the drama ‘She Was Pretty’ as a member of a company like Park Seojun – Hwang Jeong-yun. Now she is on the KBS2 “My Only One” and she is coming out as the best of Yui’s sister. ” Lee Seon-hyun, who recently learned about Lee Ji-hyun, said, I watched the drama video. You are out there. ”

Hwang Dyer and Lee Sun Bin received a lip sync hint for the second time. They chose the 5th singer Kim Eun – joo and the 2nd singer Park Yoon – ho. Kim Eun – joo was a talented person and Park Yoon – ho was a drummer. Kim Eun-joo said, “I was in a situation where my right hand could not be used completely because of a traffic accident. I came out because I wanted to overcome myself, “he said. I worried a lot about what I can do well and what I like. Then I have to choose a song and my parents like it. I am currently singing, “he confessed. Park Yoon – ho, who revealed Lee Sun Bin ‘s long – time enthusiasm, left the stage with a happy smile of’ Successful Deok – Hu ‘.

“It is difficult to keep it in the past,” he said. The second time they saw the clues of the MC for the third time, they chose the sixth singer, composed of two men. My brother was a talented person, but my brother was a drunk. They gave off a pleasant energy and laughed.

Hwang Jeol Yeol and Lee Sun Bin finally pointed to the fourth singer. The fourth singer from Thailand came to power. “I came from Thailand. Thank you. “He is working as a singer and actor. The drama starring as a star is coming soon. ” At the age of 17, the cast was surprised and admired, “I am not at 17.”

Finally, the main character on the duet stage with Hwang Ki – Yeol Lee Lee Sun Bin is the third mystery singer. It was impossible to reason, and he was a talented person who chaotic everyone. The third singer, who has a similar tone to the yellow dental fever, performed a fantastic stage by singing a new song of Huangheolgyori ‘Walk apart’ together.


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