KBS 2TV, which aired on January 11, was composed by Jang Uk-jo, a composer who sings an undying masterpiece-a legend.

Baek Cheong-gang, who first appeared on the stage, selected Cho Yong-pil’s ‘wound’. Baek Cheonggang began singing with his delicate expression of emotion. Then, some audiences stole tears in the picture of Paekcheonggang expressing sad lyrics with a sad voice. Towards the second half, the treble and high emotions were also outstanding. Ali said, “I felt the woman’s howl. The unique tone was amazing”, and praised Jang Uk-jo, “I wanted to give a good song.”

Park Hye-won said, “I will sing hard for the championship trophy.” The song selected by Park Hye-won was Choi Jin-hee ‘Little Doll’. Park Hye Won boasted stable singing power. The cool highs from the beginning pierced the audience. Park Hye-won’s excellent performances were praised by the cast members as “relieved” and “feeling refreshed”. Jang Uk-jo said, “I am greedy. I sing well and am pretty.”

2020 Confrontation of the “Russian Masterpieces” Super Rookie. They both got 393 votes in the same way. Shin Dong-yeop, “‘The eternal tie’ is the eighth tie,” he said.

Kim Kyung-hoon, who visited KBS after 11 years, said, “It will be nervous, but I will be full of passion.” Kim Kyung-hoon’s ‘Can You Give Me Back’ has been made in his own style. Kim Kyung-hoon sang as hard as he was on the stage of ‘Immortal Masterpiece’ after a long nameless life. The audience applauded Kim’s powerful vocals and stable highs. Yuk Joong-wan said, “It was sullen. I was moved.” However, Kim Kyung-hoon could not beat Baek Cheong Kang and Park Hye Won.

Ali was chosen as the fourth singer. Ali challenged Jung Dong-ha, the largest trophy holder, to the fullest. Ali selected the ‘Millennium Rock’ and caught the audience’s ears with unique tone. The cast did not shut up because of Ali’s complete digestion of pansori. Moon Hee-joon admired that “the landlord appeared,” Jang Uk-jo said, “it was so good. Ali beat baekcheonggang and park hyewon with 417 votes.

Poppin Hyun-joon and Park Ae-ri showed how to say a rose. The cheerful rhythm and the gorgeous choreography of two people attracted attention. Park’s tickling voice and poppin Hyun Joon’s powerful wrapping were also outstanding. Yuk Joong Wan band said, “It was a feeling of seeing a comprehensive gift set.” Kim Kyung-hoon said, “It was a very fresh stage. But Poppin Hyun-joon and Park Ae-ri lost to Ali.

Lastly, Yuk Joong-wan, the band on stage, said, “We have prepared ‘Your Note of Youth’.” Yuk Joong Wan’s band started the stage with a cute dance, and since then, it boasts a unique rock sensibility and heightened the audience’s excitement. On the exciting stage of the Yuk Joong Wan band, Jang Uk-jo praised, “I felt like going back to 30. I sat and danced.”

The legendary Jang Uk Jo was more fierce than ever. The winning trophy of the day was taken by Yuk Joong Wan, who won 421 votes.

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